Touristic Management of the Culinary and Gastronomic Heritage Specialization within Official Master of Tourism Innovation Management

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 1 course (60 ECTS)
Languages: Spanish
Tuition fee from: 4757 €

Reasons to study this master

This is a master's degree from the University of Barcelona, the first and only one in Spain focused on the Tourism management of the culinary and gastronomic heritage, valid throughout Europe. The master offers students two possible pathways: the professional (with internships in companies and partner institutions) and the research one (with a clear focus on research and as a first step towards related doctoral studies). The master approaches the study of food practices, cooking and Gastronomy from a multidisciplinary approach, involving the social sciences, technical disciplines and the knowledge of the natural environment in order to understand the fundamentals of these phenomena at all their social and cultural dimensions. The teaching staff and collaborators involved in the Master are recognized professionals on active service in the Gastronomy and Tourism sectors. The learning methodology is oriented towards action and uses the techniques of group dynamics, role-play and outdoor training, ensuring training with immediate applicability to business. We also use technology classrooms applied to cooking and restaurants.