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Academic Excellence Scholarship for new students

Academic Excellence Scholarship for new students 2020/21

1.1. Purpose:

Encourage and reward academic excellence.

1.2. Recipients:

E.S.O. students (secondary school leavers), Pre-University students, Higher Vocational Training Courses holders who wish to access CETT -UB Degree programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management or in Culinary and Gastronomy Sciences for the first time.

1.3. Requirements:

Pre-University students: must have a score of 9 out of 10 or higher in their access to university tests.

Higher vocational training courses holders: must have an average score of 9 out of 10 or higher on their academic record.

1.4. Financial help:

These are all the scholarships called for:

  • 1 scholarship for the first year in the Culinary and Gastronomy Sciences Degree.
  • 1 scholarship for the first year in the Tourism and Hospitality Management Degree.

These scholarships will cover 50% of the course total fee, except enrolment fees and UB tax. Following Spanish legislation 40/1998 IRPF, 2% taxation will be deducted from the full scholarship amount.

1.5. Candidate Evaluation Criteria:

Candidates’ academic record, resumé, personal statement or motivation letter and personal interview will be key criteria to award these scholarships.

1.6. Required documents:

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP application form dutifully completed.

  • Pre-university students: a photocopy of your academic record with final score in access to university tests.
  • Higher Vocational Training Courses holders: academic record with average mark for HVTC.
  • Photocopy of proof of Identity (National Identity Card; DNI; NIE, Passport)
  • Motivation letter stating the reasons and merits to apply for the scholarship.

1.7. Applications deadlines and documents:

Candidates must fill in the Academic Excellence scholarship for new students’ online application form and attach the documents listed on 1.6.

Application period: 7 to 10 September 2020

Please find the online application form here*

*(Form closed. It wil be open the first day of the application submission period).

All applications must include all required documents.

Applications that do not include all required documents will be automatically denied.

1.8. Resolution:

The Scholarships Committee will communicate via e-mail with candidates the resolution no later than 2 weeks after the application deadline. After studying all applications, the Scholarships Committee may decide not to award the available scholarships depending on whether eligibility criteria are met.

1.9. Scholarship renewal request:

Scholarships may be renewed if candidates maintain the same academic status to be eligible. These are the requirements to request scholarship renewal:

  • Pass 100% of ECT in the first year.
  • Have an average mark of 9 out of 10 or higher in their academic record (CETT’s secretary will provide such academic record along with the application form).
  • Show great passion and motivation for the studies and the profession.