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Mou-te! Academic Scholarship

Mou-te! Academic Scholarship 2020/21

1.1. Purpose:

Promote students' mobility and international perspective by enabling them to study part of their degree abroad at one of the universities with which the EUHT has bilateral or ERASMUS agreements.

1.2. Recipients:

Students enrolled in the EUHT CETT-UB Tourism Degree or Culinary and Gastronomy Sciences Degree who have obtained a place in one of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC EXCHANGE programs for the 2020/2021 academic year.

1.3. Requirements:

  • Be enrolled in the Tourism Degree or Culinary and Gastronomy Sciences Degree during the 2019/2020 academic year.
  • Have a high command of the country of destination’s official language.
  • Have passed all 2019/2020 academic year subjects as of the date of application. Applications with failed subjects will not be accepted.
  • Never have received a MOU-TE! ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP from the Fundació Gaspar Espuña-CETT (from now on CETT Fundació).

1.4. Economic Assistance:

Depending on the destination, the amount of the MOU-TE! ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP could be:

Amount Destination
€1,850 For Canada-Quebec, Mexico, Australia, Switzerland and other countries with bilateral agreements (China, South Korea, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Peru, Puerto Rico, EUA, Rusia, Equador).
€1,270 For Finland, the Netherlands and Norway
€990 For Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and Croatia.

The scholarship will be paid via bank transfer in the following way:

50% of the amount awarded will be paid by bank transfer once the student has sent the SOP Certificate of Arrival to (document that must also be sent to the UB) once you are at the destination university.

The remaining 50% of the scholarship will be paid one month before the end of the exchange program.

Students who terminate the agreement before due date or do not honor its conditions, will have to refund the scholarship amount received.

1.5 Assessment Criteria for Awarding Scholarships:

To be eligible for these scholarships the following criteria will be considered:

The economic situation of the applicant’s household, particularly of those applicants who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; year of study; academic transcripts; work placement/internship assessment report; command of the language required by the destination country; interest and level of motivation for the training programs and the relevant professional area.

1.6. Documents to be Presented:

MOU-TE! ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP online Application Form attaching the following documents:

  • Resumé
  • Household annual income form from the previous year from all members in the household who are eligible to pay income tax. Members who are not eligible to pay income tax must provide with income tax exemption form.
  • Household annual income form from the previous year from all members in the household who are eligible to pay income tax. Members who are not eligible to pay income tax must provide with income tax exemption form.
  • Depending on the household circumstances, documents which can prove special financial status (disability statements, alimony, bereavement allowance, orphan’s allowance, tenancy agreement, etc…).
  • Documents which certify the applicant or the applicant’s household financial status has severely changed due to unforeseen circumstances, for instance:
    • Having been furloughed
    • Self-employed applicants must provide certification of end of business or prove a 75% income reduction on the month they apply for the scholarship, compared to the income received over the previous semester.
  • Academic Transcript for the 2020/2021 year up to the date of application for MOU-TE ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP to be provided by CETT’s Secretary with all other required documents.
  • Upon finishing your stay abroad, students must submit a report following the Mobility Report model you can find here.

1.7. Filing Applications and Documentation:

Applications must be submitted filling in this online form.

(Form will be activated on the first day of the application submission period).

All required documents must be attached with application forms.

Application period: 8 to 20 June 2021

After applications have been submitted, the Scholarships Committee may request submission of further documents or an online interview with eligible candidates.

Applications that do not include all required documents will be automatically denied.

1.8. Resolution: Scholarships will be granted considering fulfillment of required criteria and all scholarships awarded.

The Scholarships Committee made up by CETT Administration department, Career Services and Scholarships Services will communicate each candidate the resolution via Campus Virtual before 25 June 2021.

Appeals to the Scholarships Committee will be done through CETT Campus Virtual (CETT Foundation) within 8 days after being notified. Appeals submitted after this deadline will NOT be considered.