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Mou-te! Academic Scholarship

Mou-te! Academic Scholarship 2019/20

1.1. Purpose:

Promote students' mobility and international perspective by enabling them to study part of their degree abroad at one of the universities with which the EUHT has bilateral or ERASMUS agreements.

1.2. Recipients:

Students enrolled in the EUHT CETT-UB Tourism Degree or Culinary and Gastronomy Sciences Degree who have obtained a place in one of the ACADEMIC EXCHANGE programs for the 2019-2020 academic year.

1.3. Requirements:

  • Be enrolled in the Tourism Degree or Culinary and Gastronomy Sciences Degree during the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • Have a high level of the destination country's language.
  • Have passed all 2018-2019 academic year courses as of the date of application. Non applications with failed subjects will be accepted.
  • Never have received a MOU-TE! ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP from the Fundació Gaspar Espuña-CETT.

1.4. Economic Assistance:

Depending on the destination, the amount of the MOU-TE! ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP could be:

Amount Destination
€1,850 For Canada-Quebec, Mexico, Australia, Switzerland and other countries with bilateral agreements (China, South Korea, Brazil, Thailand,Malaysia, Peru, Puerto Rico, EUA, Rusia).
€1,270 For Finland, Netherlands, and Norway
€990 For Austria, France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania.

The scholarship amount will be paid via bank transfer in the following manner:

  • Students who are going abroad during 1st semester:

50% in July, before leaving

50% in December

  • Students who are going abroad during 2nd semester:

50% in December, before leaving

50% in March

1.5 Assessment Criteria for Awarding Scholarships:

The following aspects will be taken into consideration when awarding the scholarships: Family/financial situation, year in which the student is enrolled, academic transcript, assessment of practical training and experience, assessment of the language level required by the destination country, and the student's interest and degree of motivation in studies and the profession.

1.6. Documents to be Presented:

  • MOU-TE! ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP Application Form, duly filled out.
  • Complete photocopy of the most recent tax returns of all family members who had to file a return.
  • Business owners or self-employed individuals must present documentation on the result of their activities (corporate income tax or income tax on economic activities).
  • Accreditation of income not included in tax returns (work, pensions, unemployment benefits, severance payments, etc.) for family members from the last financial year.
  • Documentation accrediting any special family circumstances (alimony payments in separations, widow's pension, orphanage, renting a house, disability certificate, etc.).
  • Curriculum Vitae, following the CV form.
  • The CETT Registrar's Office will include a summary of the student's grades from the 2018-2019 academic year up to when the application for the MOU-TE! ACADEMIC Scholarship was filed with the documentation presented.
  • At the end of their study abroad program, an assessment report, using the mobility report form.

1.7. Filing Applications and Documentation:

Students must fill in the corresponding application and attach all required documentation.

Application period: from May 28th to June 6th, 2019

Where to apply: CETT Reception, Ground Floor.

Once the documentation has been submitted, applicants must request an interview on the Virtual Campus click here, from May 23rd.

To request an interview, go to Virtual Campus here.

All scholarship applications that are missing any required documentation will be rejected.

1.8. Decision:

The Scholarship Committee will notify applicants of their decision in writing by June 21, 2019.

If the student does not agree with the decision regarding their scholarship application, he or she can request a review of the decision by the Scholarship Committee on the Virtual Campus (FUNDACIO GASPAR ESPUÑA - CETT) within 15 days of receiving notification. Any request for review received after this period will NOT be accepted.