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Talent scholarship for Postgraduate studies (for EU and Latin American graduates)

Talent scholarship for Postgraduate studies 2020/21 (for EU and Latin American graduates)

1.1. Purpose:

Encourage and reward academic excellence.

1.2. Recipients:

EU and Latin America graduate and diploma holders wishing to take up a master’s program at CETT.

1.3. Requirements:

  • Graduates must have an average score of 7.5 or above (B, B+) on their Degree (or equivalent) academic record.
  • Candidates must have been admitted to a master’s program offered by EUHT CETT-UB for 2020/2021

1.4. Financial help:

These are the scholarships called for:

3 scholarships for EU or Latin American graduates

Each scholarship will cover 25% of the course tuition fees for 2020/21; they will not cover enrolment fees and UB enrolment tax; they will also cover 25% of accommodation expenses to stay at Àgora Students’ Residence (on a bed and breakfast basis).

1.5. Candidate Evaluation Criteria:

To be eligible for a scholarship, the best academic record among candidates, their resumé and personal statement will be the key criteria.

1.6. Required documents:

  • Application form TALENT SCHOLARSHIP FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDIES dutifully filled.
  • Official certification of the candidate’s Degree (or equivalent studies which give access to postgraduate studies) academic record.

All documents must be submitted in either Spanish, Catalan or English. Applications submitted with documents in any other language will be automatically denied.

1.7. Applications deadlines and documents:

Applications must be submitted through this online form.

Application forms must include all required documents.

After applications have been submitted, the Scholarships Committee may request submission of further documents or an online interview with eligible candidates.

Applications that do not include all required documents will be automatically denied.

Application period: 1 to 10 July 2020.

2nd. Application period: From 1 to 15 September 2020

1.8. Resolution:

The Scholarships Committee, made up by CETT members, will communicate via e-mail with candidates the resolution no later than 8 working days after the applications deadline.

The scholarships will only be paid to candidates who have applied in July, provided they enroll in the chosen course before 1st September 2020. For applicants for the second call, scholarships will be paid once they have enrolled in the chosen 2020/21 master’s course.

After thoroughly analyzing all applications, the Scholarships Committee may also decide not to award some of the scholarships.