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The students have at their disposal the possibility to download the Virtual Campus App. It works as the Virtual Campus web page but having access to all the information easily in just one click!

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Digitise your experience at CETT-UB!!

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The Virtual Campus is a tool that facilitates two-way communication between faculty and students in terms of education and learning, and assistance with internships and job offers. It is also used to publish notifications of news and events that take place at CETT.

The tool creates a Virtual Learning Environment designed to meet a need to give support to the different modalities of the CETT academic training.

Aula Restaurant

Aula Restaurant

Aula Restaurant is the hands-on-training space where students of Vocational Training in the specialization of Restaurant Business carry out their academic training, which will allow them to acquire the necessary attitudes and technical skills essential for the catering sector. This restaurant shares the same features as a gourmet’s restaurant so that students can experience the professional reality, offering a first rate service, guaranteed by the supervision of the team of teachers, renowned for having a wide experience in the restaurant business sector as well as in teaching.



The Fòrum is an informal café/restaurant that is open to everyone. It offers a variety of healthy, seasonal food that adapts to the different meal times. Here the students have the first contact with the customer and reinforce the culinary techniques.

It is a multidisciplinary centre that offers a large amount of resources to the students in order to give them the best resources for reinforcing, complementing, and broadening their education.

The center has different means of support such as multimedia, telematic or audiovisual connections, among others, as well as materials acquired or produced by CETT teaching team and designed for personalized learning, most of all about languages or tourist and hotel specialties. They can find all this information, in physical and digital formats, in the different spaces established for this purpose:

  • New technologies area
  • Language self-learning section
  • Tourism documentation center
  • Library
  • Computer and applied tourism technology room.

CETT-UB Classrooms. International School for Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy dedicated to education, ressearch and knowledge transfer

CETT educational model is developed at the Campus, a large space by more than 1.600 m2 that offers students a unique active learning experience by technical learning spaces and applied technology classrooms, at CETT’s companies for hands-on training (Hotel Alimara Barcelona, Àgora BCN, CETT Consultors, Barcelona Academic Services i Viatges Century).

CETT has all kinds of classrooms, classified, in a generic way, in four large groups:

  • Theory Classroom: CETT has 30 Theory Classrooms - three of them are multipurpose classrooms - with an average capacity for 40 students.
  • Computer Labs: There are 4 Computer Labs with a capacity for 44 students.
  • Technical Classrooms: The center has 12 Technical classrooms with specific purposes. These classrooms are prepared either for hands-on culinary and catering training or for research including the Dessert Kitchen Classroom, various Technical-Culinary Classrooms, Sommelier Classrooms, the Gastronomy Space, the Restaurant Workshop, the kitchen Workshop and the Pre-elaborations Classroom.
  • Other Classrooms: The new Culinary Demo Classroom adds up to the UB-Bullipèdia Classroom, The Five Senses Classroom and the Research and Innovation Classroom.

The Career Services department is made of up a team of professionals who advise, guide, and help students, accompany, and assist students and alumni in obtaining internships and jobs at the best companies in the sector.

What do we offer you?

  • Job bank
  • Short training courses
  • Professional internships
  • Internship Talent Fair
  • Professional advising and guidance
  • Employability Schedule

Further Information here

CETT Alumni, the Association of Former CETT Students, aims to strengthen relationships among alumni through the creation of a network of professionals who have at their disposal a series of advantages in the professional, educational, and social spheres.

  • PROFESSIONAL SPHERE: CETT Alumni share their own Virtual Campus where they can view job listings and where they have the Professional Directory, a customized Professional Career and Guidance service, invitations to attend University activities, and attendance at top career fairs, etc.

  • EDUCATIONAL SPHERE: CETT Alumni offers discounts for training, workshops, up-to-date information of interest, access to the Resource Center and to the book lending service.

  • SOCIAL SPHERE: CETT Alumni organizes promotion dinners, discussion dinners, entertainment activities, networking events, forums, meet-ups and so on.

Members are the first to receive information and enjoy special discounts.

CETT Alumni is part of the Tourism Club of l’Alumni UB and our members can also enjoy all of its benefits.

The CETT Alumni website is
The Association is also active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.