CETT Talent

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CETT Talent is the Job Fair of the CETT-UB that we celebrate year after year which aims is to create a positive environment for relationship between companies, professionals and students promoting knowledge and participation among all of them.

Each edition counts with the participation of professionals and leading companies of the tourist, hotel and gastronomic sector. They come to La Trobada with the will to search among the students of the CETT, their possible candidates for future employment opportunities, as well as capturing talent.

The last edition of February 15, 2018 was held in conjunction with the ** participation of a group of students of the 3rd year of the Degree in Tourism **. These participation allowed a turn to the format of the event and provide a more entrepreneurial approach.

La Trobada is an event full of activities, lectures and workshops.
In addition, in this past edition La Trobada included a new space for Startups and entrepreneurs: "Espai Turisme 3.0".

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