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What we do?


"We manage and coordinate the Practical Training subject in the areas of: signing accords, following-up the practical training and evaluating the assignment."

1.1. Objectives:

  • To achieve the complete theoretical and practical training of the students.
  • To adapt the professional profile of the students to the current needs of companies in the tourist industry.
  • To contribute to providing quality education for the students.

1.1. Lenght of the practical training programme

The minimum length of the practical training, in order to obtain credits, is 225 hours (3 months, approx.) and the maximum is 500 hours. Degree students can participate in this programme at any time of the year.

1.3. Legal framework

CETT prepares a collaboration Accord for each student with the company where they will be trained. Students are covered by the school insurance.

Practical Training offer form


"We preselect the candidates who are best-suited to the company’s needs"

2.1. Objectives:

  • To ease the insertion into the workplace of students and former students who are looking for work or to improve their professional status.
  • To guide and assess students and former students in work-related themes.
  • To put professionals or future professionals in touch with companies with job vacancies.

2.2. Functions of the service for companies

Any company looking for potential workers can send us a job offer. This offer will be posted in the Virtual Campus of CETT’s website (to which all CETT students and former students of the CETT Alumni have access). It will also be posted on the Job Offer notice board.

There is also a preselection of candidates who are best-suited to the desired profile. Candidates are informed of the conditions of each specific offer.

Job Offer form

2.3. Other candidacies

If you are interested in working with us, send us your CV. We will take it into account for possible selection processes for the companies in the group.

You can contact our department via our direct telephone number +34 93 5040408 or via email

Career Services

Career Services integrates a team of professionals that guide and help students throughout their degree and facilitates them contacting some of the best companies in the sector to favour their professional development towards a future job offer.