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CETT Alumni

CETT Former Students’ Association (AAACETT) was born in 1994 as an initiative of a group of CETT ex-students. The association main mission is to enhance the relationship among former students, creating a network of professionals, with the common nexus of belonging to CETT different promotions and  studies.

CETT ALUMNI offers a meeting point and exchange of experiences. It also aims at becoming a platform to supply former CETT students with access to the labour market, professional promotion and continuous career development.

The association wants to be a centre of opinion and influence on the tourism environment.

The principal objectives are:

  • Promote the continuous professional development of their associates.
  • Promote and encourage the creation of a suitable frame to exchange knowledge and experience between former students and the professional world.
  • Establish agreements with other entities, favouring and creating synergies to develop values in both current and former students.
  • Promote knowledge through master events, lectures, articles, discussions…
  • Foster associates’ professional career through E3.

Some of the services associates can enjoy are the following:

  • Access to a private environment: Campus CETT alumni
  • Employment agency: job offers, application for vacancies)
  • Access to the professional directory
  • Professional career (personalized orientation service)
  • Access to CETT Resource Centre
  • Discounts in further studies
  • Information on grants and scholarships
  • Fortnight newsletter issues with updated information and highlighted job offers.
  • Participation in activities organized by CETT group (students’ meetings, Alimara awards, master event, gastronomic meeting, conference dinners, promotion dinners, FITUR, leisure activities…)