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Entrepreneurship Awards

CETT foundation is an organisation founded in 2000 with the aim of becoming a driving force for training, research and knowledge of tourism and hospitality. Among the principles of this institution are the promotion of knowledge in tourism,  to boost the Science of Tourism highlighting research, reinforce the ties between CETT and the professional and institutional sectors, highlight CETT’s internationalisation and help students acquire wider and sounder knowledge both in our country and abroad  through mobility scholarships. CETT also aims at encouraging entrepreneurship and raising awareness for the development of sustainable tourism.

Gaspar Espuña- CETT foundation, in its eagerness to promote and highlight the development of tourist activities, wants to encourage young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, shape them and help their projects come true. In this sense, and as an institution of social interest, CETT aims at meeting the entrepreneurs’ needs of technical training and assessment. Besides, the foundation  also awards the best projects for tourist enterprises by contributing with financial resources and providing the contact between entrepreneurs and prospective investors. In order to do so, CETT organises the VII Contest of Entrepreneurs’ Projects for the Tourist Sector, with the sponsorship of Obra Social de Caixa Sabadell.

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