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COVID-19 release


CETT is a higher education center whose premises and facilities constitute the ideal environment for active learning to occur and for student life to take place with the highest academic quality and all safety requirements.

It is a center that connects people, a hub that links academia and businesses and the public administration sector; we are committed to those who live the learning process as an impulse for growth and as an opportunity to attain their life goals through interaction with the environment and the people around them. Thanks to CETT’s role as a driver for change in the sector, students can live a unique learning experience which mirrors real life and enables them to face and anticipate new challenges and emerging trends.

We make a firm commitment to our community and country and we foster a constant spirit of transformation and that is why CETT adds value in order to make our sector more professional and sustainable. This is the main reason why CETT is sparing no effort to plan the new academic year ahead so lectures can take place face-to-face in the premises, with the utmost safety and guaranteeing the greatest teaching quality.

To provide the highest safety standards, our center has devised several measures to be implemented next year, for instance limiting classroom capacity, introducing staggered students ‘arrival and extending opening hours, with the aim of starting classes in 2020/21 with the greatest safety.

As far as teaching quality is concerned, CETT is facing the near future safe in the knowledge that we have reacted efficiently and exemplarily during this health crisis by swiftly adapting to online teaching. This rapid adaptation has enabled us to continue with our study programs and with the required course assignments online; the results have been positive and both students and teaching staff have valued the experience very positively. The circumstances we have lived have helped us be ready to implement a hybrid teaching model should the sanitary conditions make it necessary. This model would combine face-to-face teaching and synchronic online teaching an would require adapting teaching methodologies.

Our students are our raison d’être, and therefore we strive to continue to train the future professionals of the tourism, hospitality and gastronomy sectors. We have a prepared teaching staff, equipped with the necessary tools and teaching techniques, who will undoubtedly use all their resources at hand to be able to still deliver their teaching when and if the circumstances require it.

As a leading higher education center we assume great responsibility towards the community, but particularly towards the student community and their families who trust in us; this is why we want to reassure them that we will continue to train young talented people who have chosen this sector to pursue their careers.

We are future. #CETTisFuture

Academic Direction


CETT Fundació, sensible a las consecuencias generadas por la COVID-19 y con la voluntad de facilitar la continuación de estudios de los estudiantes del CETT afectados por las circunstancias que se derivan de la COVID-19, ha aprobado una dotación extraordinaria para el curso 2020/2021, que se añade a las becas de continuidad que otorga anualmente.

En 2019, el CETT destinó a los programas de ayuda de continuidad de estudios un total de 76.900€ y, en 2020, aumentará en 50.000€ esta suma para atenuar los perjuicios económicos directos que ha causado la COVID-19 a parte del alumnado. Estas becas extraordinarias se añaden a su programa de ayudas que convoca anualmente y que fomenta el esfuerzo, la internacionalización y el rendimiento tanto académico como profesional.

En cuanto a las becas de continuidad de estudios que convoca cada año el CETT, con el objetivo de que el alumnado que lo requiera tenga la oportunidad de finalizar su formación en curso, este año se modifican algunos requisitos y se avanza el período de presentación y de resolución de las becas a los meses de junio y julio, respectivamente, en vez de hacerlo en septiembre y octubre, para poder confirmar la ayuda antes de realizar la matrícula para el próximo curso.

CETT Fundació trabaja desde sus inicios para promover la generación y transmisión de conocimiento en turismo, hotelería y gastronomía con una firme apuesta por la investigación aplicada, la formación y el apoyo a iniciativas innovadoras de carácter social, a través, entre otras, de becas y ayudas como las que destinará este año a facilitar los estudios a personas afectadas por la COVID-19, para que puedan continuar formándose en el centro universitario.

Consulta cómo solicitar las becas


As a society we are living an absolutely exceptional situation. CETT follows its commitment to its students and professionals as well as to the society, and aims at full transparency in the application of our Code of ethics. Therefore, we inform you that so far a member of the CETT community has been diagnosed with Covid- 19. That person is at hospital, in a stable condition, and will hopefully recover soon. To date, no one else from CETT has been diagnosed with COVID-19 to the best of our knowledge.

Given the global situation, new cases are likely to emerge in the coming weeks, and we encourage the entire CETT community to follow the directions from the authorities and to inform us if anyone is diagnosed with COVID-19.

In accordance with CETT's contingency plan, which was implemented on March 13, virtual education will be maintained and all procedures will be carried out online to avoid spreading the virus and to guarantee the maximum security of all the community. Classes will be carried out remotely, without the attendance of students nor teachers.

The rest of staff will also work remotely for the time being. Only in exceptional, justified cases where this is not possible, attendance at CETT will be allowed, following the established protocols and security measures. The school building will be accessed from the hotel.

We urge everyone to strictly follow the measures set by the health authorities, with maximum involvement and collaboration so as to prevent the spread of the virus. It is your personal responsibility to follow the recommendations from the authorities to prevent such spread. We will timely inform you depending on how the implementation of the measures decreed by the Government evolves. We remind you that we have opened an email account ( to answer questions or concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus.

Thank you for your cooperation. We are convinced that together we will be able to overcome these difficult times. Now, more than ever #JoEmQuedoACasa #WeAreCETT


In accordance with our commitment to education and training and thanks to our experience in online methodologies, we can guarantee the delivery of the various programs and ensure CETT’s academic quality standards.

Therefore, from March 13, the following measures will be applied:
 Teaching will continue through the virtual campus, and therefore face-to-face classes will be cancelled.
• Face-to-face academic activities and company internships will be cancelled.
• The services provided by Aula Restaurant and Forum will be cancelled during this period.

 We will inform you of any news and are grateful for your cooperation in this exceptional situation.


To face the situation posed by the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), CETT would to inform that we are following all the guidance and recommendations provided by the Public Health Government Department and the Catalan Public Health Agency (ASPCAT in Catalan).

Therefore, we would like to inform you that:

- Currently, CETT is open as usual.

- We have opened an email account ( to answer questions or concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus.

- CETT will dutifully inform its community of any news that can affect our routine or of any measures/recommendations that may need taking in the foreseeable future.

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