Photography from: The CETT, training for the future | CETT informa sobre Covid-19
Universidad de Barcelona

The CETT, training for the future


CETT is gradually resuming its activity and we are always striving to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances we are living, by providing our students with quality teaching in our premises whilst maintaining the safety of your community. Our study programs are based on a unique teaching model which rests upon these key elements:

CETT Through Expertise. 50 years of expertise have enabled CETT to offer its students a model to create and transfer knowledge based on rigor, innovation and expertise. At CETT, students have the chance to live an enriching learning experience which mirrors reality and provides them with both the personal and professional skills that will enable them to face coming challenges.

CETT Through Values. We aim at placing an ethical perspective into tourism, hospitality and gastronomy training. Our mission is to train professionals who can develop their careers led by positive and ethical values such as sustainability, hospitality, respect, care, and excellence in service.

CETT Through Learning. We provide students with a holistic learning environment oriented to lifelong learning, incorporating theory and practice-based strategies and methodologies which contribute to furthering both your career and personal development. Students are at the heart of the learning process by building up their Personal Learning Environment.

CETT Through Experiences. Face-to-face learning is at our core as well as an indispensable part of tourism, hospitality and gastronomy; it is an agent which boosts key factors for the social development of students, such as the possibility to exchange knowledge, establish personal rapports, and live interculturality, among many others. At CETT, we know the sector firsthand, we have a direct connection with its key agents and have the invaluable expertise of our teaching staff. Our many facilities and spaces (Forum, the Restaurant Classroom, Alimara Barcelona Hotel, Agora BCN Students Residence, laboratories, etc.) enable us to offer applied and active learning. Therefore, practical learning is at the core, both in-class and out of class, but always bearing in mind the essential connection between theory and practice.

CETT Through Innovation. We incorporate innovation in learning into all our study programs, by prioritizing Learning by doing which helps develop analytical, self-reflective and autonomous learning through in-company internships, practical classes, or carrying out projects inspired on real life business and scenarios. We fully understand that this new reality we are all living demands for innovative solutions which make the most of the latest resources, methods and tools.

CETT Through Technologies. Since our student community is one of digital natives and our personal and professional lives are hybrid and combine online and face-to-face interactions, we believe in incorporating teaching technologies and online tools, also offering online and blended training. We provide a hybrid learning model (the digital environment supported by our Online Campus complements our traditional teaching) which connects people and public organizations with leading experts and agents of the sector, from all over the world.

CETT Through Professional Experience. We have many partnership agreements with the leading companies and organizations in the sector so our students can experience it firsthand. Our connection with both businesses and public organizations increases student’s employability and their career development. This indispensable connection gives us immediate feedback about the progress and real needs of the tourism, hospitality and gastronomy sectors. In addition, we offer training for professionals and for companies.

CETT Through Research. Knowledge creation and transfer is essential to be able to offer training suited to reality and which can face current challenges by using the most cutting-edge, rigorous and complete methodologies and conceptual frameworks. Research at CETT is carried out from a firm social commitment and bearing in mind the capacity and potential to transfer knowledge to tourism, hospitality and gastronomy. We want to add our personal mark to build up a more competitive, sustainable and socially responsible sector. Besides, our affiliation to the University of Barcelona positions CETT as leading higher education center in Spain.

CETT Through Diversity. Diversity and multiculturality are core principles in our study programs. Our student community benefits from intense intercultural exchanges which boost multicultural skills and foreign languages learning. We host students from more than 50 countries and we strongly encourage our students to take part in enriching international exchange programs with our partner universities and companies abroad.

#WeAreCETT. Our community is supported on values shared by staff, students and alumni beyond our classrooms walls. This is why students’ active involvement in activities such as awards, competitions, seminars, innovation and mentoring projects is key.