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29 April
29 Apr

Postponed: 36 th Alimara CETT Barcelona Awards CETT

The 36th Edition of CETT Alimara Awards will take place within the 50th anniversary of CETT group. This year, and keeping up with our endeavor to constant transformation, we are renewing our identity, committing ourselves to a more dynamic, open-minded, groundbreaking and digital brand which fully represents us; that is, a first class Higher Education center in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy affiliated to Barcelona University, a center that connects people and transforms learning into a professional and personal experience. CETT trains, transforms and makes Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy more professional sectors that also add value to the community. Rigor, an international vocation and a strong commitment to social responsibility and sustainability define our higher education and research center and allow us to provide students with the necessary tools to adapt to forthcoming changes and to make changes happen. CETT Alimara Awards are part of this transformation process we are experiencing and also awards of reference in the area of tourism, hospitality and gastronomy, therefore, we have also changed them so they can reflect the above-mentioned values. In essence, alimara (which in Catalan refers to the bonfires that used to be lit on high lands to guide ramblers) is a “flame” that guides and connects people and becomes the link between academia, business and government institutions.

Webinar másteres: Mindfulness ejecutivo e inteligencia emocional en la era post COVID-19

Para afrontar el equilibrio entre nuestra vida profesional i personal en la era post COVID-19 será esencial aumentar la resiliencia, la inteligencia emocional, la productividad y la concentración. Con este webinar los alumnos de másteres aprenderéis a ser más productivos y efectivos, a mejorar la gestión de las emociones y las relaciones interpersonales. Ponente : Jimmy Pons, formador y coach especializado en innovación Idioma: castellano

  • Dates: 29/04/2020
  • Schedule: 11:00