GCCG Pla estudis


The degree aims principally at training professionals with sound knowledge on culinary and gastronomic sciences that allows them to understand and approach the culinary and gastronomic phenomenon from a scientific , technological , social , cultural and business management viewpoint , equipping them with the skills to innovate , design, create and manage services in the areas of fine dining , commercial and institutional catering, foodservice and hospitality industries, as well as the tools to carry out research and development projects in the field of Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences.

-Offer A corpus of training in culinary knowledge - gastronomic allows obtaining the necessary knowledge to understand the processes that take place in the culinary activity and acquire skills which lead to the development of culinary and food from a multidisciplinary perspective integrative.

-Approach Gastronomic phenomenon as an opportunity for innovation and creativity, being trained people to anticipate and respond to changes in the world produiex food, the perception of the kitchen and forms of consumption and tourism activities and that if she d¡oci associate. And even in the context of this consolidation cuncepte gourmet-cooking great economic and social impact.

-Create The basis for the development of culinary and gastronomic research with interdisciplinary science-based knowledge to generate and promote its transfer to the productive sector, as well as to participate in the creation of projects and culinary delicacies.

-Provide Training process technology applied to culinary and food in order to provide the industry trained professionals to analyze and identify the opportunities that are required for the development of the sector.

-Preparing professionals to develop projects of cultural, artistic and tourist applied to cooking and gastronomy.


Training future professionals with managerial skills necessary to fill positions in organizations in the food industry, the hospitality and catering, and respond to business challenges posed by changes related to technology, sustainability and globalization applying innovative solutions.