Direcció de Restauració

Who the course is aimed at

The recommended profile for future incoming students of the Master's Degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Company Management includes the following aspects:

        Basic knowledge of hospitality and restaurant company management.
       Have a good level of foreign languages, as this is a fundamental skill for the student's professional positioning, as well as to be able to broaden the scope of studies to the international level.

      Be willing to work in a dynamic sector, where initiative, skill for interpersonal relationships, leadership skills, teamwork, and project management are valued.



Entry degrees that require enrolling in and passing complementary training to obtain a master's degree:



Associate's Degree or Bachelor's Degree in Tourism or the corresponding Technician in Tourism Companies and Activities degree

No complementary training required

Associate's Degree in Business

Degree in Business Administration and Management

Degree in Economics

Associate's Degree/ Bachelor's Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

The established complementary training is required; courses belonging to the Tourism Degree at the EUHT CETT-UB.

Degree in Law

Degree in Labor Sciences

Any other bachelor's degree



Courses established as complementary training for the master's:

      Accommodations Management 6 ECTS – students in the Hospitality Management specialization.

      Restaurant Management 6 ECTS – students in the Restaurant Management specialization.

      Economic and Financial Management of Tourism Companies 6 ECTS – students in both specializations.


Total complementary training: 12 ECTS