Career Service CETT-UB  

Career Service CETT-UB is formed by a team of five professionals who guide and support students throughout their studies, and make possible the contact with the best companies to promote  students development and their future professional employment.

The services offered to students are:


  • Professional orientation: From Career Service offices a customized service  targeting individual students needs is offered.  This service begins at the time of enrolment in the centre and goes on throughout their career.


  • Internships: The Career Service manages and coordinates the subject of the Practicum, the degree's programs and  specific scholarships to the company (Let's make talent) and the Degree's Final Projects into companies,     with the search for the most suitable options for each student, the setting up of the formal agreements and the implementation of monitoring, mentoring and supervision in the final assessment.


  • Employment: This is an exclusive service offered to students, members of CETT Alumni (Alumni Association of CETT) and to businesses. It allows you to request a personal interview for orientation as well as to search  through the Virtual Campus for labour demand in the sector and the possibility to enrol in offers of the student interest. In addition, the members of the CETT alumni can consult the business directory, which facilitates the continuous contact and the possibility of expanding the network of     professional contacts (Networking promotion). For students, the offers to be combined with their studies are enhanced.


  • International Stays: Students can perform their professional training or their Bachelor Degree's Final Project in companies in an international background . From Career Service the carrying out of career planning, internships, cooperative projects, grants, labour supply and demand are favoured and promoted... 


  • University-Company Relationship: Due to the fact that the relationship among companies and universities is a     key factor for a better knowledge and for the professional development of students, from the department we lead activities such as the Business Council, visits to companies, experts talks, orientation sessions, lectures ... aimed at bringing the company to the university. One of the annual meetings that is organized is the Company+University+ School Meeting, which, with the participation of about 50 companies, has     become a workshop of reference.


Annually, CETT receives over 1,500 job requests intended for students and alumni, and about 700 collaboration agreements are signed with major companies in the sector.


CETT and the Gaspar Espuña-CETT foundation, along with the University of Barcelona, created the first CETT-UB Company-University Advisory Council, to which important companies and institutions in the sector belong.

The Advisory Council considers as priorities the establishment of a permanent dialogue on the changing market in order to adapt the studies offered to the real needs, supporting and being present at activities related to the Career Service CETT-UB and CETT Alumni and to collaborate in research and investigation activities conducted by CETT or the Group companies.