Gestió Turística del Patrimoni Cultural i Natural


Professional Job Opportunities

      Cultural Tourism Manager – Design activities and promote and disseminate tourism possibilities based on cultural and heritage resources.

     Cultural Planner – Integrate natural and cultural resources in regional planning by carrying out sustainable development projects related to the cultural and tourism offer.

    Heritage Interpreter – Understand the environment in which he/she works and create lines of action to highlight the value and achieve dissemination of natural and cultural heritage. Create interpretive means for the public to learn about, understand, and value heritage.

     Cultural Tourism Revitalizer – Design cultural tourism projects, create informative and outreach material, publications, and activities for the tourism promotion of cultural and natural heritage.

      Cultural and Natural Spaces Guide – Understand the environment in which he/she works, as well as communication techniques and other tourism techniques to perform guided visits.

      Tourism Informer – Offer information on tourism/cultural attractions, as well as lead guided visits and cultural activities for different types of clients.


Fields of Employment

      Tourism companies specializing in cultural services (receiving and emitting travel agencies, tour operators, reservations centers, etc.).

      Public administrations (tourism offices, foundations, city councils, county councils, regional governments, etc.).

      Cultural spaces related to tourism (museums, performance halls, cultural parks, etc.).

      Natural spaces (natural parks, nature classrooms, eco-museums).

      Tourism associations.

      Cultural foundations.

    Tourism and cultural consultancy firms.