CETT Barcelona International Summer Courses 2012

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The Summer School participants will be housed in spacious, modern and comfortable double rooms at the ÀGORA BCN Students' Hall of Residence. Please visit:

ÀGORA BCN offers comfortable public areas, a library, study and meeting rooms, a music room, a work-out and sports' room, and the spacious buffet restaurant. The building is surrounded by pleasant gardens with sports' facilities, and situated in a quiet area with lush green parks and a beautiful view over the city and the Mediterranean Sea. It is at walking distance from the teaching area and public transport (Metro and Bus) which leaves you in a flash in the famous city centre or on the city's beaches.


A daily buffet for breakfast (from 7h), lunch (14-15.30h) and dinner (20-21.30h) is included.

In general, the restaurant time table in Spain is somewhat different from most European and other countries. Lunch is usually from two o'clock in the afternoon (14h) and dinner seldom starts before nine o'clock in the evening (21h).


Spanish and Catalan are the two languages widely spoken in Barcelona and in Catalonia. Both are Romance language and thus have a lot in common with Italian, French, Portuguese and other Latin-based languages. The Catalan people are proud of their language, culture and history. However, you will do fine with your knowledge of Spanish as the Barcelonese are perfectly bilingual. English though is mastered by relatively few people.

Estimated daily expenses

The daily expenses will largely depend on personal preferences, since Barcelona suits all budgets. There are more than enough restaurants where you can dine for a reasonable price, starting from €8. Next to that, if you want to enjoy Barcelona's nightlife, it depends on your own preferences how much you will spend.

Arrival & departure
It is most convenient to arrive on the Sunday before the start of the course. That will allow you enough time to rest and get acquainted with your temporary home and surroundings. Most participants stay until the day after the end of the course.

Certificate of Participation
This will be handed out to the participants at the end of the CETT Barcelona Summer School. 

Special requirements
CETT Barcelona will do its utmost to take into account your special requirements and preferences with regard to meal choice, diet, mobility or other. Please let us know any special requirement through the indicated space in the Application Form.

The ÀGORA BCN Students' Hall of Residence offers spacious, modern and comfortable adapted rooms for people with special needs. All teaching and lodging areas are wheelchair accesible. 

Payment conditions

50% at time of reservation.

The final 50% must have been received by CETT at the latest two weeks before the start of the Summer Course.

Applicants who need to obtain an entrance visa are required to pay the fee in full. CETT Barcelona will then provide the applicant with a formal confirmation of the application and the proof of the full payment which is essential to obtain a visa.

Health insurance
European nationals should obtain the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), which is free of charge. For more information check or contact your private or public insurance company. For non-European nationals, please check your coverage with your health insurance company.

Travel insurance
We recommend you to buy either a permanent or temporary travel insurance at the time of booking your flight or other travel arrangements. Next to that, it is recommended to purchase a cancellation insurance to cover personal emergency situations that could prevent you from being able to attend the Summer Course.

For those who stay back home
Before the start of the CETT Barcelona Summer Course we will mail all participants a handy Contact Info Sheet indicating the:

Full address of CETT Barcelona
Full address of the Àgora Students' Hall of Residence
A list of emergency numbers in Barcelona
The names and phone numbers of your contact persons at CETT Barcelona who will be present throughout the Summer School.

Leave a copy of this document at home so your parents or guardians will have this useful information. We advise you to have a copy of the document with you as well.

Entrance Visa for Spain
Do you need an entrance visa for Spain? Please check the information on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Here: you will find a list of Spanish Consulates around the world.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!!! 

CETT Barcelona International Summer School Office

Avinguda Can Marcet, 36-38
08035 Barcelona, Spain
phone: +34 93 504 04 25     
fax: +34 93 428 67 77

the coordinators: Ksenia Pukhalskaya, Gloria Sanmartin, Ricard Edo