Type of Course Summer

Areas of Study

Year 2017

Tourism is regarded as one of the key industries for a vast majority of countries. Its role in economy forces governments and especially businesses, operating in tourism-related fields, to continuously rethink their strategies in order to enhance their profitability. Within this context, and in order to maintain businesses' competitiveness, marketing and sales programs are increasingly gaining importance. Therefore, subject areas such as Revenue Management, Communication, Marketing and Sales Management have been further advanced and now represent crucial operation units for enterprises in the tourism sector.

The program intends to successfully lead participants through the different commercialization paths that are required by the current market situation. The instruments and methods used to analyze and develop strategies are the focus of the lectures, providing the necessary tools to adequately respond to the need of every market.

Start Monday 03 July 2017 (with lodging: arrival on Sunday 02 July 2017)

Thursday 20 July 2017 / 27 July 2017 (4 week option) (with lodging: departure either on Friday 21 July or Friday 28 July)

Deadline for application 31 May 2017
(10% Early Bird Discount for applications received before 15 May 2017)


Undergraduate and graduate students, young professionals.
Accreditation of languages: level of English: Intermediate

Credits 4 ECTS/10 ECTS (4 week option)
Language English
Hours of instruction 75 / 100 (4 week option), including lectures, professional activities.
Other sessions available Winter School 2017 / Summer School 2018
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Remarks Courses may be subject to change.