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CETT and the University of Barcelona

How to be an incoming student

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CETT and the University of Barcelona

CETT is an international center for training and knowledge in hospitality and tourism. Assigned to the University of Barcelona , offers different levels of education, vocational training, undergraduate and postgraduate university education and  life long learning studies, through a self-training model whose base is:

• A team of teachers and professionals with academic rigor and experience
• Development of research expertise in hospitality and tourism through different  Areas (Tourism, Culture and Planning, Hospitality and Gastronomy).
• The learning possibilities and experience that provide the application companies of the group CETT (CETT Campus):

o Alimara Hotel (4 ****)
o Agora BCN University Residence International
o CETT Consultancy
o Century Travel Agency
o BAS (Barcelona Academic Services)

• A close link with professionals and companies of the tourism sector. The Business Council CETT-UB is the first University-Business Forum Tourism, chaired by the rector of the University of Barcelona.
• An international interest which promotes the mobility of the students, through academic and professional exchanges. The classes are a meeting point for the students around the world.
• The students, with a distinctive, hard training and attitudinal skills development. They are present in companies and institutions worldwide and are active in the different activities of CETT.

After 40 years, CETT is an international reference of academic excellence and service for hospitality and tourism, committed to the responsible development of industry and society, providing training, research, innovation and expertise, and a firm commitment to personal growth professional and also forming part of it.

How to get to CETT?

CETT Institution is located at the north of the city and it is very well connected with the city center.By metro you must take line 3 and get off at “Mundet Station”. From there, only at  50 meters you will find our training center.

From Plaza Catalunya (city center) you will take about 17 minutes.By bus: You have several lines depending on where you come from, 27-60-73-76-85-173-A7-N4

To find more information about the public transport service, follow this link


How to be an incoming student in CETT?

Procedure and documentation required for the incoming students:


It is imperative that you have been accepted by your home university and we have received the list of selected students, that your University will send us by e-mail (

Send Request for Acceptance for a temporary stay

To obtain a Student Residence Card (NIE)

Send by mail to Lola Salcedo (Av. Can Marcet, 36-38, 08035 Barcelona), the following documentation:

• One copy of the Application Acceptance signed by the applicant student and by the Home University
• Curriculum vitae
• Copy of your passport or Identity Card
• 3 passport or identity size photographs
• A copy fo an International Medical Insurance to cover any situation of illness or accident during your stay in Barcelona

After that the student will receive a Certificate of Acceptance.

Before coming to CETT, you will need to arrange an appointment with Lola Salcedo to develop a personalized class schedule a personalized ( lola.salcedo @ )

Deadlines to Apply

You must send all the documents on the following dates: 

Fall Semester: Before June 15
Spring Semester: Before November 15

At the begining of each semester, we prepare a Welcoming Session for international students, to inform you about all the services and how the classes will be developped.


• Selection of the courses.  This selection will depend on availability and we will inform you to make it as easy as possible.
• Deadline to make any change: At the end of the 1st. Week of the semester.
• Registration and the final signature of the document
• Access to Virtual Campus

We will deliver two cards for the student at the beginning of the semester

UB Card: it is necessary to present your insurance document to get it. It is very  useful to visit any library in the different faculties of the University of Barcelona, and also to make a registration at the Sports Department of this University.

CETT Card: Necessary to use the library of CETT. It could be obtained directly in CETT Library (2nd floor) after the enrollment.



Two copies of this certificate will be mailed to Home University (one for the student and the other one for the university).


 We offer semester courses, except for the languages that are annual and may be chosen depending on the places available

You can see the range of subjects in the range of subjects of the Degree in Tourism and Hospitality.

The final time distribution of the subjects will be available the first week of July.


 The methodology is fully adapted to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Students follow a continuous assessment with a final written exercise where the student may retrieve the contents not adquired through the continuous assessment. After the evaluation period there’s no other possibility to do an extra exam.

The CETT training model combines different training methods, such as:

• Conceptual exhibitions by faculty and industry professionals, and group reflections.
• Performing simulations and case studies
• Teamwork.
• Role-play.
• Reports and papers.
• Reinforcement tutorials, group or individual.
• Study groups, research and development of expertise in tourism, where students develop their expertise and, in turn, they can practise interpersonal skills.
• Professional visits: company visits, destinations and cultural institutions.
• Attendance at panel discussions, lectures, presentations ...

We don’t have special courses for International Students, Incoming Students will be incorporated in the same courses as CETT Students in the Tourism Degree



CETT has Catalan as the official and common expression language at the institutional level, relying on bilingualism as an element to facilitate the integration of foreign students.

However International Students can follow classes taught in Spanish. There’s also some courses offered in English

The foreign languages taught at CETT are English as a second language and French. Incoming Students may undertake these languages only if they remain throughout the year, since the language courses are organized in an annual basis.

There is the possibility of Spanish courses for foreign students organized by the University of Barcelona


The evaluation system is specified in the official program of each subject and is based on a continuous assessment throughout the semester that may consist of exercises, individual and teamwork, lectures, exams...

There’s a final written exercise, at the end of the course where the student may retrieve the contents not adquired through the continuous assessment. After the evaluation period there’s no other possibility to do an extra exam.

The period for these exams are established by the CETT at the begining of the course and it’s not possible to be modified under any circumstances except for justified medical problem.

The numerical value for the qualifications are from 0 to 10, being 10 the highest score and you need a 5 to pass the course.


Services for temporary students

Check the following University of Barcelona's website:




Agora, residencia universitaria

BCU, Barcelona Centre universitari