Grupo CETT

Advising Committee:



Gerard Acereda

Business Development Director Dry Martini.

Marc Alvarez

Bartender at 41º where he is the Head Bartender. Currently, he is the Bar Manager of the BCN5.0 group's different locations, where he is responsible for the bars at their various establishments.

Chantal Aimée

Catalan actress with a long career in the world of theater and acting.

Holds a postgraduate degree from the Universitat de Girona in Theatrical techniques applied to psychotherapy.

Javier Caballero

Founder and director of Liquid Experience, where he lets his imagination run wild to create a unique concept, which he calls Evolutionary Cocktails.

Simone Caporale

Known world-wide in the mixology sector. Senior Bartender at Artesian, which has been recognized as the best bar in the world for three consecutive years 2012-13-14.


Pepe Dioni

President of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Bartenders. World vice president and European president of the International Bartenders' Association (IBA).


Ricardo Garcia-Nieto

Economist with a degree in Economic Sciences and a Master's in Business Administration from IESE. Advisor for several companies. Administrator of ASEPYME BCN, S.A. and GNL Auditores S.L.


Alberto Gómez Font

Philologist. Former director of the Cervantes Institute in Rabat (Morocco). Expert writer in cocktails.

Ariadna Gil

Actress with a long career in the world of film and theater.

Josep Maria Gotarda

President of the Bartender's Club of Catalonia. Manager of Ideal Cocktail Bar, an emblematic space on the Barcelona cocktail scene.

Chris Meier

Internationally recognized bartender, owner of the new coffee store “La Fábrica” in Girona.

Héctor Henche

Founder of Fizz Bartenders, a bar catering company specifically focusing on cocktails, well-known for his career with the country's most important companies. Currently, he is both the head of Fizz Bartenders and provides advising services.

Erik Lorincz

Internationally famous in the world of mixology. He was awarded the prize of Best Bartender in the World in 2010. He works as a bartender at "The Savoy."

Jordi Martí

Economist. Asset manager. Founder of Qrenta Agencia de Valores, S.A. Investor and start-up mentor. Promoter of the Alternative Stock Market.

Juan Carlos Muñoz

President of the Association of Bartenders of Madrid.

Kim Ossenblok

Internationally famous bartender and experienced trainer in the world of coffee.

Francesc Pons

Interior designer, Estudi Francesc Pons.

Yhanaida Prado

Former bartender at Coctelería Milano, now in the process of opening his own establishment. He has won several prizes.

Carlos Rolando

Graphic designer and publicist specializing in corporate design and brand creation. Awarded with several prizes such as the "National Design Prize," "Master Prize," and "First Honorable Mention of ADG-FAD and the Club de Creativos."


Carles Tejedor

Chef and gastronomic director of El Nacional. He was a professor at Harvard for 5 years in the Master's of Science and Cooking. With experience managing establishments in London (Savoy), Barcelona (Via Veneto), the US, Baja California, and China. He is a chef with recognized experience and his own research project entitled "Oilemotion."


Manel Tirvio

Honorary President of the Catalonia Bartender's Club and bartender at the iconic Tirsa until the end of 2014.

Roser Torras

Expert in gastronomy - General Director of the GSR group - gastronomic productions. President for Spain and Portugal of The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

Oriol Uria

Film producer, owner of Group Garage Films with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, New York and Los Angeles.

Quim Vila

International wine expert and connoisseur of gastronomy. He is the distributor of some of the best wineries in Catalonia and Spain.

Owner of the stores Vilaviniteca and La Teca.