The program objectives are organised into two parts; conceptual objectives and applied objectives:

The conceptual program objectives are:

§  To investigate the foundations of the hospitality industry from a global perspective of tourism, analysing and identifying potential areas for development and innovation.  

§  To explore and discuss the challenges facing the hospitality sector and the various tactics and strategies employed for sustainable development.

§  Analyse the key dimensions and factors of competitiveness in different areas of the management and administration of hospitality companies in order to exercise efficient and transformative management.

The applied program objectives are:

§  To acquire and develop the core competencies for decision taking and leading the change and transformation required to meet new situations, as well as for guiding and managing participants’ own personal and professional development.  

§  To have ready the necessary tools for meeting the challenges in the sector, such as sustainability, the optimal use of technology applied to marketing and communication, the intelligent analysis and optimisation of information, internationalisation and the sharing economy.

§  To design and implement business models to generate sustainable competitive advantages in the hospitality industry, facilitating the promotion and professional success of participants as visionary and enterprising hospitality managers.