1st Competitive management immersion module

Core components of the management and understanding of the hospitality industry and tourism:

  • Industry Hotel market and competitive environment
  • Marketing management for hospitality business
  • Services operations management and developing new ways of managing the hospitality business
  • Financial accounting
  • Business information systems

2nd Strategic management and business tools module

Current core concepts for the creation of value and strategic planning in the hospitality business

  • Strategic initiatives, operational strategies, and tactics  in hospitality industry
  • Business and international strategy
  • Advanced marketing and communication strategies in hospitality industry
  • Financial keys for the development of hotel business and implementation of corporate strategies
  • Smart management and intelligent business

3rd Sustainable business development and staff engagement module

Tools for dealing with business transformation and establishment of leadership qualities for the implantation of corporative strategies

  • Underlying processes and control indicators for the implementation of the business strategy
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management in the hotel business
  • Hotel business development and corporate social responsibility
  • Executive personality and leadership