Premis Alimara

Alimara Awards

For 30 years CETT has been giving Alimara Awards, which recognise the effort and the quality of the materials of tourism promotion both from public institutions and private enterprises. Preserving the essence of the Alimara Awards, the bases of participation are adapted to the new times, with an increasing demand for an integral concept of image spreading and premium product through new technologies or graphic material.

In cooperation with the STIC, Salón Internacional del Turismo en Cataluña (International Fair of Tourism in Catalonia), a unique space in Catalonia of tourism commercial activity and major showcase of destinations and tourist products, we continue to pool efforts in order to call for and organise together the Alimara Awards, to which the Alimara Award CAT is added.

Just the same way as the Alimara did (in ancient times, the alimara was a bonfire which used to be lit in higher spots for travellers’ guidance), brochures, posters and other material both graphic  and virtual for tourist promotion also guide tourists and travellers.

For more information: www.cett.es/premisalimara