Type of Course Winter
Areas of Study Tourism, Hospitality , Sports & Management
Year 2017

What is the secret of competitive enterprise in the XXI century?

The marketing paradigm is constantly changing towards the personalization of the service or a product which turn into a unique experience for a customer. The course overviews the general characteristics of the Customer Experience Management, analyses the real cases of the most successful companies and explores the practical possibilities of experience development as well as its management for the better market positioning and sales boosting.
Start 9 January 2017
End 20 January 2017
Deadline for application 30 November 2016
Eligibility Undergraduate Student
Accreditation of languages: Level of English (Intermediate)
What's Included Tuition Fee
Accommodation: Full room and board, double occupancy
Credits 4 ECTS
Language English
Hours of instruction 55 (40 - classes; 15 - professional visits)
Other sessions available Winter 2018
Remarks Courses are subject to change