Choice of the Project's Topic

The Research Group project does not require a specific registration procedure to be carried out by the student, but rather the student will be registered when the advisor accepts the student's participation in the research project. Registration of the project will be effective when the group leader informs the Registrar's Office of the composition of the group.

Projects related to institutions or companies, as well as those carried out under individual initiatives must be registered by the student in the Center's Registrar's Office with the corresponding forms signed by the respective advisors and leaders.

In particular, please remember that those students who changed specialization and did not complete the two mandatory practicums (Beginning Practicum I and Consolidation Practicum II) related to the specialization must do a Graduation Project related to a company or institution.

Steps to follow to apply to participate in one of these projects:

a) The interested student should send the application form that he or she will find at the end of each Graduation Project sheet.

b) Decisions regarding applications

The advisor(s) will evaluate all the applications received and will inform the student directly (via e-mail) if they are to be included in the group project and the start date for work sessions.

c) Applications not accepted

Students who are not accepted may send in a second application for projects where spots are still available. The advisor will then inform the student (via e-mail) if there are to be included in the group project.

Students who are not accepted in this second round of assignment will be placed on a project where there are spots available.

For any questions, please contact the Graduation Project coordinator, Oscar Casanovas (

Project Offers for 1st Semester 2016-17 


Project Offers for 2nd Semester 2016-17 


Project Offers Related to Companies and/or Institutions