Types of Proyects


An international approach and entrepreneurship are the main objectives of the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism at EUHT CETT – UB. The SCP is an essential instrument for achieving these objectives.Taken into account the different abilities of the students as well as the structure of the degree, it was proven necessary to provide different types of SCP. There are 3 different types, all coordinated by the same teacher: Oscar Casanovas (

Advisor Assignment: Once the SCP have been validated, the Academic Committee suggests a advisor for each SCP. Every project is assigned a advisor based on their field of expertise and academic and professional career. In this way, it can be guaranteed that the topic will be developed under the supervision of an expert. The SCP advisor proposal list is passed by the EUHT CETT-UB Academic Administration and the Academic Coordination of the course will let the advisor and students know about the decision. 

Research Group Projects* (RG)

These projects are related to a CETT Group Research Group. Students will develop their project based on theirs participation in established research groups. Their project will be tutored by a teacher, combining in-site sessions and student independent work. 

This type of project is research-oriented and requires a specific structure (check the HOW TO CARRY OUT THE PROJECT section). 

A limited number of students will work on a single project and will be assigned a teacher. Weekly follow-up sessions will be arranged throughout the semester.

In order to guarantee the established learning objectives are achieved the evaluation process takes into account:

  • The student's individual work
  • The work of the students as a group based on the process and results of the research

Research Group Project Request

The student must follow the required procedure to participate in a Research Group Project. students must pay close attention to the established deadlines that can be found  at the campus. 

The list of projects proposed for group work during that semester will be published in advance. The offer will be presented based on the topic's specialization. Students much choose a topic related to their specialization. Combined specialization projects cover both specializations. The student is responsible for checking the project offer and may arrange an appointment with SCP Coordination for more information.

Steps for requesting a Research Group Project:

a) The interested student should send the application form that he or she will find at the end of each SCP sheet.
 Decisions regarding applications

The advisor(s) will evaluate all the applications received and will inform the student directly (via e-mail) if they are to be included in the group project and the start date for work sessions.

c) Applications not accepted

Students who are not accepted may send in a second application for projects where spots are still available. The advisor will then inform the student (via e-mail) if there are to be included in the group project.

Students who are not accepted in this second round of assignment will be placed on a project where there are spots available.

For any questions, please contact Senior Capstone Project Coordinaton, Oscar Casanovas (

Projects related to Institutions or Companies by an Educational Collaboration Agreement  (SCP ECA) 

The core mission of the CETT Group is to provide its students with excellent education and the transmission of valuable knowledge in hospitality and tourism. Our education system is based on research, generation of specialized and expert knowledge and its application in the sector in the form of solutions and innovation that create competitive advantage and valuable services and products. SCP related to institutions and companies are an excellent tool to develop this mission. 

Professors, researchers, companies, students and public institutions work collaboratively in different projects. This collaboration boasts the philosophy of creating a new European space for higher education while at the same time favoring the integration of the student in the sector and creating value for all the actors involved. 

This type of SCP may fit into one of the following options: 

  1. Research Projects (R). Students have the opportunity to carry out research work in collaboration with a project being developed at a company. .

    The objective of the applied research projects is to carry out a planned research and acquiring useful knowledge and esencial skill for the improvement or development of new products, processes and touristic services.  

  2. Development Projects (D). This projects consist on the development of a part of a project carried out by the company. 

    Knowledge development projects are a useful tool to guarantee the integration of the student into the productive sector. The final objective of these projects is to provide the student with knowledge, methods and practices useful for improving the efficiency and efficacy of a company. Such as quality quality processes, commercialization, human resources management, territory planning, the creation of new touristic products related to natural or cultural heritage among others. 

  3. Innovation Projects (I). Participation in a project which objective is the increment of the current value or the creation of new value for the costumers of tourism companies.

Innovation understood as a way of creating new creative ideas that have an impact on the tourism business. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of new products or services, the improvement of commercialization systems, the definition of innovative systems that promote a link between the company and touristic agent.  

The different actors of a SCP are:

A. Project Director (PD): The PD is the person in the company responsible for providing the student with the necessary resources for the successful development of the project, as well as guiding the student into making the necessary decisions for achieving the project's objectives. The PD will also be responsible for assessing the student's stay at the company and the project carried out by the student. 

B. Professor – Advisor (PA): The PA will be the university's responsible that will guide the student during the development of the project. The PA must also make sure all the academic requirement are met. The PA will be chosen based on his/her expert knowledge on the SCP's topic.

C. Career Services Advisor: The Student-Company Space will be the link between the EUHT CETT-UB and the company. It will also make sure that the formal requirements are met throughout the whole process (signature of the agreement, student insurance, ...) and monitor the student's stay at the company. All the information gathered by Career Services will be shared with the Advisor Professor. Career Services is also responsible for finding companies, validating proposals and assessing the project if necessary.    

D. Student: student on the fourth year of the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism 

E. University - Company Projects Committee: All project drafts submitted by the company, institution or the student will be analysed by this Committee (EUHT CETT-UB Administration, SCP Administration and  Career Services) in other to validate the proposal as a project.

This type of project implies a practical learning stage in an institution or company as well as the development of a research project directly related to the context of the stage. There are two available options: 

  • Geographic mobility: some of these projects may be able participate in an European program and be liable for a grant.
  • Without geographic mobility: projects carried out in institutions or companies within the territory. 

Projects developed within this category will be individual projects coordinated by the  Career Services Department. 

This projects are profession-oriented and require an specific structure (check the HOW TO CARRY OUT THE PROJECT section). However, the company may require a research-based study.

Find the Company SCP Application form in the following links: 

- Document de registre - Català

- Documento de registro - Castellano

- Application Form - English

Entrepreneurship project at the initiative of the student linked to the research lines of the GR

The Senior Capstone Project, after a first stage of training, will attend to the commitment to look for content and objectives of a greater degree of complexity and specificity. Among the most important generic competencies of the subject is the initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

The entrepreneurial spirit, together with the international dimension, stand out as objectives that define the Degree, and the SCP is one of the fundamental instruments for the achievement of these objectives.

When the student conceives an idea of ​​business, he can dedicate his project to the study and learning of the necessary processes for his development, as well as the analysis of the real possibilities of implantation of this project, considering the possibility of participation of the company in the market.

In this sense, one or more students may raise a proposal to the Academic Committee through the SCP Coordinator. This must necessarily be linked to the mention of his specialty and have academic and / or business tutoring. This last aspect may be covered with the collaboration of external, public or private entities.

Student's initiative related RG's area of research

Students may propose a topic of their choice if its suiting for their academic and professional development. However, the EUHT CETT-UB may offer students the possibility of doing the SCP individually if the teacher and/or research groups suggest it. The viability of these projects is based on the common interests of the teacher and the students and their potential to develop the project successfully.

The student must submit the project's proposal in accordance to the established parameters alomng with an advisor's acceptance. This proposal must be accepted by the SCP Coordination. 

The orientation of these type of projects will be determined based on the topic between the advisor and the student. The project's orientation may be either research or professional and the structure of the project will depende on it (check the HOW TO CARRY OUT THE PROJECT section).

HERE you may find the application form for individual SCP.

*At CETT we carry out research projects in the fields of tourism, hospitality, and gastronomy, with the aim of contributing expert knowledge and innovation that enable the sector to maintain and improve competitiveness through applied research and knowledge transfer, and to share these results with students.