These indications follow the “Regulation for the Recognition and Transfer of Credits in Official Undergraduate Studies at the University of Barcelona,” approved by the Academic Commission of the Board of Directors on May 5, 2011 and by the Board of Directors on June 7, 2011. This document establishes the procedures that must be followed and the criteria that must be used to apply for recognition for the Tourism Degree.


What is credit recognition? 

Credit recognition is acceptance by the University of Barcelona of the education or professional experience listed below, which will count on a student's academic transcript along with their other studies toward their official degree.

Under no circumstances may credits corresponding to the Graduation Project be recognized.

What can be recognized as credits?

- Prior official university education

a) The credits obtained through official studies taken previously at the University of Barcelona or any other university, so that they may count towards the new official studies and towards obtaining an official degree.  

If these studies were part of an official Spanish university degree and the degree the student is studying belongs to the same field of knowledge as the prior degree, at least 36 credits corresponding to the basic subjects of the same field must be recognized.

If the degree the student is studying belongs to a different field of knowledge, the credits obtained in basic subjects that belong to the field of knowledge of the new degree will also be recognized.

All other credits, except for those for the graduation project, may be recognized by taking into account the suitability of the skills and knowledge acquired.

b) The credits obtained in other higher education leading to other degrees covered by article 34.1 of Law 6/2001, of December 21, on universities. 


Recognition of Vocational Training in the Tourism Degree

- Recognition of Vocational Training in the Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences Degree.


- Professional and work experience

Professional and work experience, provided that it is related to the skills of the degree the student is studying.

The number of credits that may be recognized from other degrees and professional experience may not total more than 15 % of the credits for the curriculum the student is studying.

A percentage above 15 % of the total number of curriculum credits may only be recognized when an unofficial degree has been eliminated and replaced by the official degree, and this is stated in the official degree report that has been verified under the conditions established in articles 6.4 and 6.5 of Royal Decree 861/2010.


- Free Credits

A maximum of six elective credits for the degree may be recognized for participation in university activities of a cultural, athletic, student government, charitable, and cooperative nature.

Every 25 hours a student spends on university activities is equivalent to 1 credit.

  • Institutional activities subject to academic recognition.
  • Activities organized by UB central services and UB Group entities.
  • Institutional university activities organized by other universities.
  • Student government activities. 1.5 credits will be recognized for each term and body/commission, with a minimum participation of 80 % in the sessions.
  • Institutional activities organized by the center itself.


Criteria for recognition decisions

Recognition must be carried out by assessing the suitability of the skills and content of the subjects and the courses that the student has passed in relation to the subjects and courses set out in the curriculum for his or her new degree program.

If the student has taken undergraduate courses, the basic education established by this regulation as the basic credits for the field can be recognized, without the need to identify the courses passed or recognized.

If the recognition decision is being made for basic education credits for the field, or for partial credits for degree program subjects, the decision must include a list of courses the student must take to complete the credits established by the degree program to obtain the degree.

Credits obtained in official courses taken previously at the University of Barcelona or any other university that have not been recognized must be transferred to the student's academic transcript, provided that the student did not receive an official degree with these courses. 

Credits obtained from prior official university courses that did not lead to a degree do not need to be transferred to the new academic transcript when the interested party states that they wish to simultaneously pursue both degrees.


What is credit transfer?

Transferring credits consists of including the credits obtained from official courses taken previously at the University of Barcelona or any other university on all official academic documents accrediting the studies taken by the student, provided that said prior studies did not lead to the granting of an official degree and that they were not recognized.


Academic effects of Credit Recognition and Transfer

All credits obtained by the student in official courses taken at any university, those that were transferred, those recognized, and those passed in order to obtain the corresponding degree must be included on their academic transcript and reflected in the European Diploma Supplement (DS).

Recognized credits should be taken into account to calculate the credits the student needs to pass in order to obtain the official degree. However, only those credits passed in the official degree and those that were recognized based on official studies or unofficial studies that were replaced by an official degree will be counted to calculate the grade point average on the student's transcript.

Transferred credits are not taken into account for the purposes of calculating the credits needed to obtain the official degree, nor when calculating the grade point average for the student's academic transcript.



Credit Recognition Request Procedure

Required documents

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

a) Original individual transcript, including the level of studies reached, the academic year, and their grades.

b) Course syllabus, including the skills, associated knowledge, and the number of credits and number of hours or weeks per semester or year, with the school's seal.

c) Curriculum or list of courses required to pass the prior degree, issued by the school with its seal.

d) For students from other universities, proof of transfer from the university of origin must be provided.

e) Any other document that the center considers to be necessary for processing the request.

If the prior studies were taken at a university outside of Spain, the following documentation must also be presented:

a) Information on the grading system at the university of origin.

b) If necessary, the corresponding translations done by a sworn translator.

c) All documents must be official, issued by the competent authorities, and must be duly legalized via diplomatic channels, according to the provisions established by the competent bodies, except for documents from European Union member countries.

Students must present a petition along with their academic transcript and a copy of the syllabi for the courses taken. The documents must be originals, and the syllabi must bear the original seal of the university where the courses were taken.

• These documents must be handed in to the Registrar's Office, who will send the request to the Education Assessment Committee. This Committee will study the request and will contact the student directly to inform them of their decision by mail.

• We recommend that students do not enroll in courses that may be recognized until they are informed of the results of this request.