Extraordinary Awards

Every academic year, Extraordinary Awards may be given to the different official undergraduate studies taught by the University of Barcelona. Students who have graduated during the ongoing academic year - regardless of the year they started their studies -  and who have paid for the Degree's Certificate emission may attend to the Extraordinary Awards Ceremony.

Only the qualifications of the courses that are recorded at the student's academic record will be taken into account for the granting of the award. For this reason, no additional assignments or studies, nor transferred credits will be considered.

The Extraordinary Awards are granted to students who have graduated during the previous year with an average grade equal or higher than 9,0, calculated in accordance with the current regulations. 

If no student of a certain Degree fulfills this requirement, the Center may suggest granting the award to one student among the five best academic records with an average grade of 8,5 or higher according to the established criteria. 

The center must designate a three members committee to evaluate these students' academic records. The members of the committee must be part of the faculty of the department related to the studies of the University of Barcelona and hold a PhD.- except for the studies taught exclusively to university members.   


The Center's Administration must submit an awarding proposal for students with an average grade of 9,0 or higher to the  General Secretary's Office by March 31st in order to start the process before the Governing Board.

If no student matches the requirements established, the Center must issue a call for requesting the Extraordinary Award for students with an average grade of 8,5 or higher by November 30th. 

Once the committee has evaluated the academic records, the Center's Administration must submit the awarding proposal to the General Secretary's Office by March 31st in order to start the process before the Governing Board.

The reception of the award may be reflected in the Degree's Certificate in accordance with legal regulations currently established, for that matter the current regulation on the emission of official Degree Certificates (Royal Decree 1002/2010, August 5th, BOE 06/08/2010) does not acknowledge the inclusion of the Extraordinary Awards on Bachelor's Degree Certificates. For this reason, the Extraordinary Award will not be reflected on the Certificate.