Finance Regulations

The payment of the installments is charged to the bank account the student specified for that purpose. The bill is charged on the first week of every month, except for the first installment that will be charged mid-September.  es.

If the bill is returned unpaid either by the bank or by the account holder, it will be considered "unpaid". A notification e-mail will be send to the student at the Virtual Campus on the same day the bill is returned. A week later the Virtual Campus  of the student will be blocked unless the payment has been settled.


If the student fails to pay the installments, the Center may take the following measures until the debt is settled:

*The student won't have access to his/ her qualifications if there are any unpaid installments when the qualifications are published.

All payments must be settled in order to enroll in EUHT CETT-UB for the following academic year.