Senior Capstone Project

In order to complete the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism, students must do and present a Senior Capstone Project (SCP) as reflected by the Syllabus. 

This project  is a culmination of what students have learned throughout the entire degree. It works as a link between academic and working life. The main objective of the SCP is to allow students to contribute expert knowledge to the sector for the first time.  

This guide is intended as a support tool for students and for the teacher- tutor. It offers an explanation for generic aspect common to all research projects, as well as the basic criteria established by the EUHT CETT - UB. However, every research asks for a specific approach based on the topic and objectives. Students should always follow the Tutor's criteria. 

The presentation must fulfill a series of requirements. The administrative requirements are stated in the following paragraphs. Students must know the requirements. 

The students must accept that the SCP is a 30 ECTS credits subject and usually implies field work that may take a considerable amount of time to carry out. It is advisable for students to draw a realistic and coherent plan of action taking into account his/her availability.

Students must remember that a SCP is considered a useful and real learning tool. Students must not only reflect the knowledge acquired but also their creativity and decision-making skills (from choosing the topic to establishing future strategies). It will also give students the opportunity to delve into tourism research and contribute expert knowledge to the tourism sector.