Legal Reference

Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia

The Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia is the basic institutional rule of Catalonia. It defines the rights and duties of citizens of Catalonia, the political institutions of the Catalan nationality, their skills and relationships with the state and the financing of the Government of Catalonia.

This Law was approved by referendum on 18 June 2006 and supplanted the Statute of Sau, which dated from 1979.

Article 35. Linguistic rights in the field of education

Each individual has the right to receive an education in Catalan, as established in this Estatut. Catalan shall normally be used as the teaching and learning language for university and non-university education.

Pupils have the right to receive an education in Catalan at the non-university level. They also have the right and obligation to have a sufficient oral and written knowledge of Catalan and Castilian upon completing compulsory education, whatever their habitual language of use when starting their education. The Catalan and Castilian languages shall be sufficiently represented in the curricula.

Pupils have the right not to be separated into centers or different class groups on the basis of their habitual language of use.

Those pupils who join the school system in Catalonia at a later age than normal school starting age have the right to receive special linguistic support if their lack of comprehension skills makes it difficult for them to pursue their education normally.

The teaching staff and pupils of universities have the right to express themselves, orally and in writing, in the official language of their choice.

Catalan Government Language Policy  

Authority in language planning granted to universities in Law 1/1998, 7 January, of the Government of Catalonia’s language policy.

Statute of the University of Barcelona 

DECREE 246/2003, October 8th, Statute of the University of Barcelona (page 20375)

Article 6

6.1 Catalan is the natural and official language of the University of Barcelona

6.2 Catalan and Spanish, which are Catalonia’s official languages, may be used at the University of Barcelona in accordance with the language policy regulations.

6.3 The University of Barcelona, in accordance with its Regulation of the use of different languages, must encourage the use of Catalan in teaching, research, university administration and management, and must contribute to the incorporation of Catalan Language in the different fields of study. The Language Policy Committee is responsible for establishing guidelines on language policy and promoting Catalan language standardization. The Committee reports to the Governing Council, and is chaired by the rector or an appointed representative.

6.4 The University of Barcelona must encourage the learning and study of the Catalan language and culture.

6.5 The University of Barcelona is open to other languages and cultures. The Language Services purpose is to promote training in Catalan and provide multilingual guidance on the academic, technical and administrative activities of the university community.