Resource center/ Library

CETT-UB Resource Centre offers students and teachers a quiet space to study and a wide range of essential resources.

  • It is located at the fourth floor of the building. You can access the Resource Centre using the stairs to your left when you enter the building.

Opening Hours: 8:15 - 21:00 Monday to Friday. Circulating services end fifteen minutes prior closing.

During winter, spring and summer holidays, services are reduced.

To use the Resource Center you must have a current, working CETT or University of Barcelona ID card.

At the Resource Center you can find a vast collection, computing facilities, audiovisual equipment as well as material acquired or developed by CETT faculty and designed for a personalized learning.


  • Consultation Services: The library catalogue can be accessed either at the Resource Center or virtually through the Virtual Campus where the library catalogue can be found.
  • Printing, photocopying and scanning services are available.
  • Internet: All computers have internet access. You can book a computer using the list on the counter. Students can use the computers for up to one hour. We remind you that Internet service is provided as a learning tool. For this reason online chatting is not allowed.
  • Circulation services: Students can borrow up to 3 documents (regardless of the medium), for 10 days. All borrowed material must be returned on or before the due date, failing to return items on time may lead to a temporary suspension of borrowing privileges.
    • Users' ID card will be blocked for a week for every day passed the due date. The accumulation of three suspensions will result in a 6 months suspension of borrowing privileges, regardless of the overdue time.
    • In the event of loss or damage of the checked out material, the user will be responsible for the replacement of the borrowed item. If said item is no longer available, the Resource Center Staff will suggest an alternative item of similar characteristics. The user will remain suspended of borrowing privileges until the whole process is completed.
    • Failing to return borrowed materials repeatedly may lead to a permanent suspension of borrowing privileges.
    • If you lose your Library Card, replacements are available at the cost of 4 Euros.

Check the Resource Center web page for more information.