Servicios de Sistemas y Tecnologías de la Información

The Information and Communication Technology Services offer students a wide range of learning support tools, from computing facilities to software: self-learning tools, Internet connection, basic and advanced office IT resources, specific tools for tourist business management, booking systems…

There are a total of 4 computer labs students can access. Classrooms 1.6, 1.7, 4.1 and the Resource Center, where you can find PCs, printing services, multimedia, Internet, video, audio…

Computer availability schedules must be checked beforehand either on the classrooms’ doors or at the help-desk in the Recourse Center.

In order to use the computers, students must have an Access Code. The inappropriate use of this code may result in the suspension of computer and Internet privileges.

Instant Tech Support: If you experience any issue while using the computing resources you may contact the Resource Center help-desk. They will either solve the problem themselves or contact the ICTS department to try and find the solution.

For any technical issue with the Virtual Campus you can e-mail the ICTS (Tech Support) department directly using the link “Contact Services”.

The center’s computers are intended to be used for educational purposes only, not for personal use.