Master's Capstone Project

Students from the EUHT CETT-UB Master's Studies must complete the subject "Capstone project". Completing and defending the Master's Capstone Project (MCP) is mandatory in order to obtain the certificate. 

This subject intends to integrate all the skills and knowledge developed during the studies. 

The Syllabus of every Master's Degree reflect the number of credits assigned to the MCP subject. It is mandatory to pass this subject in order to obtain the Master's Degree certificate. This MCP closes the studies. It is a practical application to professional life: research, company plan, company projects, etc. It is intended as an instrument to train students into analyzing problems and tourism throughout the identification and use of different variables. It is also intended as an instrument to evaluate the skills acquired during the Master's from a global point of view. 

The MCP is a very useful tool that allows students
 to show not only that they have acquired the knowledge transmitted throughout the year but also their creativity and decision making abilities (from deciding the topic to developing future strategies). At the same time, it is also a contribution to the knowledge and research in the tourism field. The author/ authors of the MCP must be capable of identifying situations (business opportunities, problems, etc.) look for bibliographic review, collect information and documentation and finally be able to suggest ways to develop and/or improve the situation, as well as giving an answer to the objectives and hypothesis of the project. 

The guide intends to be a supporting tool for the development of the MCP and an effective additional material to the sessions scheduled for the different Master's. The student must understand that the MSC implies effort and dedication (research, development, etc...). It is advisable to plan according to the available time realistically. The availability of the student, future projects and the most suitable time for the collection of information should be taken into account.  

MCP Competencies 

This are the competencies considered by the MCP: 

  • Professional orientation 
  • Enterprising new projects
  • Aplicar las técnicas de comunicación necesarias para la transmisión eficaz de ideas, opiniones, conocimientos, etc.
  • Developing the necessary digital abilities to manage information. 
  • Team work. 
  • Show ethical commitment. 
  • Identify, suggest or solve a problem in a relevant and creative way, interpreting and evaluating critically the results obtained. 
  • Transform ideas and knowledge into value for the costumer, creating sustainable solutions for touristic organizations and for the society. 
  • Applying investigation techniques to give the project a scientific foundation.
  • Create new scientific knowledge in the tourism sector.

MSP Objectives 

These are the general objectives of the MCP: 

  • Approach to basic research. 
  • Training in field research and direct research. 
  • Learn to apply techniques and methods in tourism, destination, product and concept research. 
  • Analyze problems and tourism facts through research methodologies implying the identification and management of different variables. 
  • Analyze, Interpret and deduce data and results: develop a report. 
  • Draw conclusions from the results and suggest future perspectives. 
  • Adjust the narrative to the academic situation, considering the style and the structure. 
  • Favor reflection between theory and practice and knowledge transfer. 
  • Apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real situations. 
  • Analyze functional areas and company processes and suggest improvements. 
  • Learn to develop a scientific article.