The regulations established by the Ministry of Education state that all Master's Capstone Project must include a defense. 
There are two options proposed by EUHT CETT-UB in order to present the project:  

A. Remote Attendance  
B. In-person Defense 

The student must defend the MCP in 15 minutes using a power point or prezzi presentation. It is advised that the presentation does not exceed 12 slides. 
The defense of the MCP will be assessed by an Examining Board of 2 or 3 experts that will assess the performance of the students based on the defense.The student must answer any doubts or questions asked in relation to the project. 

This are the parameters followed to assess the project depending on the type of defense:  
a. In-person

In-person Defense of the project implies a 15 minute public presentation of the project. There will be an extra time for questions and clarifications. The student must answer all the questions made by the Examining board during the defense. 

b. Remote
The Remote Defense of the MCP implies the submission of the paper and the full report of the project on the Virtual Campus (both documents in PDF format) as well as the submission of a power point presentation including audio. During a certain period of time (nine days), the Examining Board and the University's community will be able to post questions, doubts and clarifications about the project. 

The authors of the project must answer all the questions asked by the Examining Board and may answer, optionally, the questions asked by the rest of the community. During this period of time, the Examining Board will collect their impressions on an evaluation template in order to assess the project.