The following elements should be taken into account: 

  • The students must upload all the documents related to the project to the Virtual Campus in the MCP folder. The Submission Guide may help you manage the submission of the MCP in the Virtual Campus. 
  • MCP related to a public or private organization through a Collaboration Agreement will be considered confidential projects. For this reason, even if the students must follow the same submission process, the visualization of the project will be limited. Only the Examining Board and the master's Coordination will have access to the project. 

a. Deadlines 

The following dates have been established for the submission of the project: 

First Semester: February 6th 2018 (only students who are re-taking the subject or who haven't enrolled the project the previous year may opt for this date)

Second semester:

  • 1st submission: June 12th, 2018 (May 4th 2018 for students from the Dominican Republic)
  • 2nd submission: September 12th 2018 

NOTA: Failed projects may be re-submitted for re-evaluation 2 weeks after the grades are published. 

Faculty staff will not do tutorial classes during holidays.

b. Formal requirements 

The MCP may be written in Spanish or Catalan.
All the documents of the MCP must adapt to the established requirements, regarding the format (font and size, spacing, margin, figures and tables, etc.), the citation style and reference list. It is extremely necessary to follow the  
Los documentos del TFM deberán ajustarse a los requerimientos estipulados, tanto en lo que se refiere al formato (tipo de letra y tamaño, interlineado, márgenes, figuras y tablas, etc.) como a las citas del texto y la elaboración de la lista de referencias. Es por ello estrictamente necesario consultar y seguir the Style Manual  

c. Technical Requirement – format

All the MCP documents must follow the technical requirements:

Submission Document[1]

Technical Requirement

 TFM Full Report 

PDF format


 PDF format 

Defense Presentation 

 PPT format, PREZI…

[1] Attention: Avoid punctuation marks, accents and long titles.