Withdrawal from the University

In order to withdraw from the Center, students must arrange an appointment with Academic Coordination and let them know the reasons for withdrawal. After meeting with Academic Coordination, the student must fill in the withdrawal form at the Registrar's Office. The billing will stop after the student has signed the withdrawal form. Students who fail to properly withdraw may be held liable for the charges on their account.

Students should know that:

  • in order to withdraw from the University, all payments must be current. If the student refuses to settle the outstanding debt, he/she will be considered as "unpaid" and won't be able to request any official documents or re-enroll in any studies offered by the Center until the debt is paid. 
  • students who request withdrawal before the UB taxes are charged, must make the payment at the Department of Student Administration in order to make the withdrawal official. Likewise, students who had requested the Ministry General and Mobility Grant must pay for the taxes that were conditioned to the awarding of the Grant.  
  • under no circumstances will the tuition fees already paid be refunded to the student. The enrollment fee will only be refunded to new students who have been granted a place in another Center by the re-assignment of the University Pre-registration as long as the student submits the official documents.  
  • students who opted for the single-payment option, will be refunded, by bank transfer, the amount equivalent to the tuition fee installments remaining after withdrawal.   
  • first year students who withdraw from the university for major health problems, may request the reservation of the place at the Registrar's Office in order to avoid doing the University Pre-registration again.   
  • If the students withdraws form University later than the 15th of the ongoing month, that month's installment will not be refunded. 
At academic level, the student will be considered to have officially withdrawn from the course if he or she does not re-enroll the studies over the two following academic years. If a student withdraws from an undergraduate degree without having passed any credits, he or she must apply for a new spot via university pre-registration. However, if the student withdraws after having passed some credits, he or she must apply for re-admission in writing to Academic Coordination, who will decide under what conditions the student may continue their studies.