XXXV Edition
21 MARCH 2019

Bases edition 2018

CETT is an international School for education and knowledge transfer in tourism and hotel management and gastronomy. CETT is affiliated to the University of Barcelona. Since its creation, has been dedicated to tourism training, research, and support, as well as encouraging the growth of tourism, hospitality and gastronomy in our country. CETT announces the XXXIV edition of Alimara Awards. Tourism 360.

The Alimara Awards. Tourism 360 were renovated at the past edition to have space for the campaigns, actions and strategies of tourist promotion that use the path and the resource they consider, either online or offline, to achieve their goal. 

This year marks the 34th anniversary of the awards. The awards have become a reference in the tourism scene, both nationally and internationally. An awards that mature with the years and that provide a transversal vision, that evolve to the rhythm of society does. Alimara Awards. Tourism 360 has grown, grows and will continue growing to reinforce itself as the lighthouse of the tourist sector.


The Jury of the Alimara Awards of this edition is formed by representatives of the tourist sector, of the tourist promotion, of the world of communication and digital production, as well as by the teaching experts and researchers of the Research Groups of the CETT-UB.

This Jury can award more than one Alimara Prize for each category, being able to declare the prize 
null and void if it considers that any submitted candidacies met the requirements to be awarded.


The proclamation and the Awards Ceremony will take place in the Hotel Alimara of Barcelona in a public act "The Night of the Alimara" on Thursday 19th April 2018.

The winning nominations will be presented at the B-TRAVEL'2018 and on the website of the Alimara Awards

The organizing entity declines all responsibilities regarding the authenticity of the presented material. The participation in this announcement implies the total acceptance of its bases.


Entities of the tourist, hospitality and gastronomic sector or of other sectors linked to tourism that have carried out the action of tourist promotion during 2017 or early 2018 may opt for the Alimara Awards.

The categories of the prizes to present the candidacies are the following:

Alimara in Tourist Innovation

Awarding all the innovative strategies which improve the tourist promotion of the organizations of the sector and which take into account specific actions related to web pages, mobile applications, user experience, customer loyalty, ecommerce, and big data, among others.

Alimara in Tourist Communication

Awarding all the communication strategies which improve the tourist promotion of the organizations of the sector and which take into account specific actions online and offline related to advertising, public relations, among others.

Alimara in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

Awarding all the strategies of the organizations of the sector which improve the responsible and sustainable tourism related to specific actions in responsible use, sustainable development, environment preservation and natural resources, among others.

The Jury of the prizes may award more than one prize per category based on the quality and added value of the applications.

In addition, outside the competition, will also present the Alimara CAT Award, the CETT Alimara Students Award, the CETT Alimara Mass Media Award and the CETT Special Alimara Award.

CAT Alimara Award

CETT and B-TRAVEL, together with the Government of Catalonia -Agency for Language Policy and The Catalan Board for Tourism-, are giving the Alimara CAT award a twist, by emphasizing clear communication expressed in Catalan. Thus, the award assesses language correctness and good language use. A new feature of this award is that any company or institution, regardless of their physical location, within or outside the territories where Catalan is the official language, can enter the CAT Alimara.

CETT Alimara Students Award

CETT students give an Alimara Award for best promotional candidacy that deserves most of their votes from among all those that have been submitted.

CETT Alimara Mass Media Award

CETT, with the approval of the jury, may award a CETT Alimara Mass Media prize to a member of the mass media that has prominently contributed to promote tourism during 2017 or early 2018.

CETT Special Alimara Award

CETT, with the approval of the jury, may award the CETT Special Alimara Award to those institutions, companies or persons who, for their work and dedication to the tourism sector, are worthy of special distinction.


Completing and sending the online application form located on the website before February 16th 2018.

In the online form, the strategies and promotional actions documented in the submitted application must be explained.

For any questions or comments, please contact us at the e-mail address or by telephone at +34 934 280 777.