Since its creation, CETT has been dedicated to tourism training, research, and support, as well as encouraging the growth of tourism in our country.

The Alimara Awards were created 30 years ago, in 1985, with the objective of providing yearly recognition for the effort and quality of material in tourism promotion, whether it be that of public institutions or private companies.  In the beginning, participation was limited exclusively to the Catalan sector, and, a year later, came to include the entire nation. Currently, the awards are open to international participation. To date there have been 311 winners and about 3,000 participants.

The origin of the word Alimara dates back to the Arab era and makes reference to a bonfire which was lit in the past at the summit of a mountain in order to orient and guide travelers; in the same way, promotional tourism materials orient and guide tourists.

In 2002, the sculptor Jaume Rodri donated a sculpture to CETT, modeled after a seven ton monolith, which represented the alimara and which today adorns the school. This sculpture has been the symbol of the awards ever since.

Since 2000, the Alimara Awards have grown thanks to an agreement between CETT and the International Tourism Fair of Catalonia (SITC), nowadays B-Travel, to unite efforts by sharing in the organization of the Alimara Awards.

The awards are put together and organized with SITC (now B-Travel). In 2008 the Alimara Cat Award was incorporated into the program. This is an award to encourage the promotion of tourism in Catalan which is organized in conjunction with the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Preserving the essence of the Alimara Awards, the participation rules are adapted to the current moment in time, thus placing greater value on comprehensive tourism promotion campaigns, innovation, and creativity, and on the use of digital and graphics tools.

In the 2012 edition, the Alimara CETT Mass Media Award was added to the program. This award recognizes the contributions made to the promotion of tourism by the media, as it is explained on its webpage.

The Alimara awards ceremony, Alimara Night, has been celebrated in prestigious settings in Barcelona such as the Palacio de Congresos, in its first year, and later, at the Ritz Hotel, the Princess Sofia Hotel, the Barcelona Plaza Hotel, and since 1996 at the  Alimara Hotel.

This event is attended by personalities from the tourism sector, tourism professionals, and CETT professors and students who actively participate in the organization of the event and of the party which follows. 

A reproduction of the Rodri sculpture and a digital seal will be the prizes awarded to the winners.

The last Alimara Night was held on April 14th, 2016, in its 32nd edition.