What are the Alimara Awards? 


CETT international campus for Training and Knowledge transfer in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy attached to the University of Barcelona, announces a revamped edition of the 33rd Alimara Awards for promotion of tourism, in order to paint a full panoramic picture of tourism.

The Alimara Awards recognize the effort and quality of tourism promotional materials designed by both public institutions and private companies. Just as the ancient alimaras- a word in the Catalan language that refers to bonfires which were lit in high places to guide hikers- tourism promotional materials and actions do so nowadays to travelers and tourists.

Since 2000, Alimara Awards have been jointly organized with the International Tourism Fair in Catalonia, currently known as B-TRAVEL.

In 2008 the CAT Alimara Award was added to the awards, a prize for the promotion of tourism in Catalan, which is jointly organized with the Government of Catalonia.

The 2012 edition incorporated the Alimara CETT Mass Media award, which recognizes the contribution by the media in promoting tourism.

This year on their 33rd edition, the Alimara Awards are going to change and evolve along with our society and our environment. Alimara Awards Tourism 360  aims to welcome campaigns, actions and communication strategies in promoting tourism regardless of their means or resources (e.g. offline, online, audiovisual material, paper based, graphic based, digital based ...) to achieve their strategic goal of promotion. For this reason,  both the award categories of the Alimara Awards and the evaluation criteria of the jury have been renewed.

This year marks the 33th anniversary of the awards, a birthday that brings a new crossdisciplinar vision,  fully identified with CETT’s philosophy and ethos. Because the Alimara Awards do not change only, they evolve.


The announcement and the prize-giving ceremony has taken place at Hotel Alimara in Barcelona in a public ceremony, Alimara Awards Night, where more than five hundred and fifty people come the past Thursday 20 April 2017.

You can extend the information of the Alimara Awards Night 2017.

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