2016 edition



Smart Tourism means an opportunity because through the use of information technologies, people and professionals and the public and private organizations can manage wisely the information generated in tourism through different sensors and channels, in order to improve the tourist experience increase the performance and competitiveness of companies and optimizes resources in a sustainable way.

Smart Tourism is a challenge for knowledge and for the mind, and its limits are our imagination. It is necessary to think Smart Tourism from disruption. The tourist no longer seeks to get value in exchange for money, but wants to get value for their time. The technological resources need to allow managing the solutions for the incidents from the perspective that the artificial intelligence complements the human one. The improvement of the tourist experience is one of the three legs of Smart Tourism.

That is why it is important to collect information on the activity and movements of tourists, either through sensors or mobile devices. The management of the experience can be enriched if the tourist emotions are studied, which will provide us with tools to improve satisfaction.

In this experience, cultural identity and authenticity are important values that need to be encouraged, while new business models based on the collaborative economy and new ways of consuming such as Slow Tourism which involve disruptive innovations, are born. Smart Tourism must take the local citizen into account in its management and must ensure sustainability and social and environmental responsibility. In Smart Tourism it is essential a good management of the human resources through recruitment and training and suitable learning for the professionals because although the digital environment is the main channel of communication, it is the people who interact through this channel.

List of submitted papers

  • Les iniciatives Smart i les destinacions turístiques: el cas "Barcelona" - Ester Noguer Juncà and Esther Querol Castillo.

  • Integrating Business Intelligence in Smart Tourism Destinations - Oriol Miralbell, Oriol Anguera, José Antonio Pérez-Aranda and Enric López.