Managing tourism intelligently arises from the need to find a balance and relationship between sustainability, technology, innovation and knowledge in order to achieve more sustainable and quality tourism. So that decision-making integrates tourists, residents, companies and destinations in management systems to solve the different challenges presented by current tourism.

Under this premise, the focus of this edition addresses in a special way the concept of intelligent mobility as a transversal and essential aspect to guarantee the optimal development of tourism models. Whether from the point of view of flow management in tourist areas, through efficiency in services, infrastructure and transport fleets, or the creation of products based on mobility as part of the experience.

Topics of interest:

  • Smart tourist mobility as transversal management of the sector
  • Tools to regulate tourism flows for tourism flows regulation
  • Governance and efficiency in tourism
  • Sustainability, corporate social responsibility and ethics in tourism
  • Application of Sustainable Development Goals
  • Revaluation of identity and culture through creative methods
  • Creation of sensory spaces
  • Management
  • How to attract new markets
  • Generating knowledge for decision making
  • Case studies: good practices and successful models