Topic 1: Sustainable and responsible management of tourism destinations

Tourism today is a structural economic vector and an element that can revitalize cities and regions. In this context, efficient and smart management of territorial knowledge is required, which facilitates decision-making and a better fit of tourism activity in the preexisting structures. Smart management of tourism destinations is a reality today, with the promotion of sustainable urban and territorial development, social and cultural responsible, that include both the needs of the population as well as environmental challenges and limits. 

Presentations will focus on the theoretical concepts, techniques, and instruments that contribute to designing management models that are comprehensive, coordinated, responsible, and efficient from the point of view of tourism scenarios. Sustainable and responsible management must be able to design models for accessible, quality tourism destinations that improve competitiveness and ensure viability in the long-term.

Topics of interest:

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Responsible tourism
  • Governance and efficiency in tourism
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Circular economy
  • Tourism flow regulation and auto-regulation tools
  • Revaluing identity and culture through gastronomy resources
  • Managing differences
  • Attracting new markets
  • Generating knowledge for decision making
  • Case studies: good practices and successful models