Topic 3: Cutting-edge technology in tourism destinations and companies

The emergence of new technologies in our society has brought about a radical change in the way we understand and conceive our daily life, whether when consulting information, consuming entertainment, or managing reservations and payments. In the field of tourism, new trends indicate the appearance and generalized use of technological applications that encourage creativity and innovation in the context of an increasingly competitive and demanding sector. Whether from the point of view of destinations or companies, the boom in technology has meant a total rethinking of the way we communicate, market, and practice tourism at all levels. 

This topic aims to explore, from a global perspective of the sector, the potential and limits associated with applying the most advanced technologies in attracting and creating loyalty with tourists, positioning image, and consumption of the tourism experience, among other aspects. 

Topics of interest:  

  • Innovative mobile applications
  • “The Internet of things” linked to the tourism phenomenon
  • Wearables
  • Big data and Open Data
  • Web 3.0, Semantic Web
  • Artificial intelligence. Smart information management
  • Trends in communication and social networks
  • Combining different technologies 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of applying ICT
  • Technological volatility 
  • Successful models and cases