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15th of FEBRUARY 2018

Espacio Interviews

09:30h a 18:00h

An environment where the main activity will be the interviews between students and participating companies.

However, we plan to organize open sessions of interaction between companies and students in a relaxed and interactive environment, where we hope a lot of networking will be generated. This space will be located in the Cataluña Room of the Alimara hotel.

Espacio Tourism 3.0

09:30h a 13:00h

15:30h a 17:00h

Interactive lectures and round tables to discuss hot topics related to the tourism sector, and very interesting for future professionals and managers of this sector.

Professionals, students and our alumni will be the protagonists of these activities where we hope to create many synergies among all.

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the debates and talks as they will be the claim of this space located in the lobby of the Alimara hotel.

Espai Workshop

11:00h a 13:00h

16:00h a 18:00h

The companies will propose challenges to our students, and they will have to apply their knowledge and skills to solve them.

It will be a space where students can show and demonstrate their potential, and where companies will extract ideas, identify talent and put on the table challenges like the ones they run into in their day to day.

This activity will take place in the classroom La Plaza at Campus CETT.

Networking Lunch

13:30h a 15:30h

In the Mediterranean Room of the Alimara Hotel we will enjoy a lunch prepared by our students, in a relaxed format that will facilitate direct contact between the participating companies and the professionals of the Campus