About Us

CETT Alumni was born as the CETT-UB Alumni Association, on March 1, 1994, as an initiative to offer a service to alumni, a space for personal and professional reference, a meeting point for experts in the tourism, gastronomy and hotel sector, with a common bond, the CETT-UB.

As an association of CETT-UB alumni, its main mission is to promote the relationship between alumni, thus creating a network of professionals, the common link is to be alumni of the different promotions and training of CETT.

The main objectives of CETT Alumni are:

  • To promote the permanent professional development of its associates at all levels; and to favor access to the working world, professional promotion and continuous training. To foster the creation of an ideal framework for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among alumni; offering them the association as a meeting point in the professional world.
  • Facilitate knowledge and networking through conferences, lectures, colloquium dinners and expert sessions. CETT Alumni wants to be a center of opinion and influence on the tourism environment.
  • Establish agreements with other entities, favoring synergies that generate value to the associated alumni.