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Integrated System of Quality and Environment (SIQMAC)

The CETT initiates the development of systematic and planned actions in the field of quality management in the 1998 academic year; the main purpose has always been the effective response to the needs and expectations of our customers, staff, employees, shareholders, the market and society in general.

The General Direction of the CETT defines the quality and environmental policy to ensure the satisfaction of all interested parties, which mainly focuses on:

  • Optimization of business resources.

  • The increase of our competitiveness.

  • Staff motivation.

  • Good internal management.

  • The respect of the commitments that the CETT has assumed with its collaborators.

  • Compliance with legal and / or regulatory requirements, within the framework of continuous improvement and permanent innovation.

With this will, over the last few years the CETT has configured an Integrated System of Quality and Environment (SIQMAC) that, as a reflection of its mission and values, incorporates the requirements of systems management of quality management (based on ISO 9001 and AUDIT Quality System) and of the environment (based on ISO 14001) accredited within the organization, adapting them to culture, politics and the general objectives, as well as the expectations and needs of our customers.

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VSMA Documentation

In this space you can access all the reports of the Verification, Monitoring, Modification and Accreditation processes of the EUHT CETT UB university system


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