What is the TAP?


Tutorial Action Plan (TAP) is a student care service whose main purpose is to offer personalized support to students in the areas of training, information and guidance beyond the content of ordinary academic subjects.

The tutoring model is developed within a framework of comprehensive education that promotes the overall development of the student in all its dimensions: intellectual, emotional, personal and social.  

The main objective is to advise students from the moment they enter the university world, monitor their development, plan their studies and provide career guidance. This action is directed by tutor teachers who contribute to a global education that is essential to elaborate and review their academic, professional and personal aspirations.

The action of the tutoring faculty is convenient in order to take advantage of the student's training period to provide them with personalized attention adapted to their circumstances, needs and unique characteristics that will allow them to lay the foundations for their learning.

The Tutorial Action Plan (TAP) is included in the Integrated Quality and Environment System of CETT (SIQMAC) which encompasses all the actions aimed at monitoring the learning process of all students. In this sense, the tool for the improvement of teaching quality becomes an observatory that provides valuable information to detect needs and shortcomings in the education system and to promote good practices.


The TAP is designed to help students in each phase of their learning process, both in their academic, personal and social development, and to give support tools to new students to help them integrate into the university system and the way teaching works.

In order to carry out these tasks, a person is initially assigned to act as a tutor who will facilitate the process of incorporation.

During the initial phase, the objective is to help new students to integrate into the university system and the functioning of teaching in order to facilitate their incorporation and adaptation to the new university environment with tutorials for the enrolment process, welcome actions and global orientation to the three centres.   

During the following academic years, the actions carried out within the TAP are developed following the 3 marked areas with special emphasis on facilitating the professional growth of the student and international mobility to contribute to their subsequent labour insertion. Also noteworthy in this phase are the actions aimed at providing guidance on how to carry out the Senior Capstone Project (SCP).

For all these reasons, the specific objectives are:

a) To guarantee the academic performance of students with the implementation of guidance actions on the organisation, management and planning of teaching, on the responsibilities of students in their own learning and management of their transcript, on information regarding assessment systems, etc.

b) To provide the necessary information and guidance so that students can develop their own educational and personal project, according to their interests and motivations, as well as according to their abilities.

c) Advise the student on the choice of the mention, according to the desired professional profile and area of specialisation.

d) To promote international or national mobility for students, both academic and professional, making them aware of the different opportunities.

e) To carry out actions aimed at the student's professional orientation as a fundamental tool and with the aim of helping students to achieve a training and personal project that is appropriate to their interests and abilities.