The Museo del Prado, the Sitges Festival and RAC1 recognized at the 38th CETT Alimara Awards

The Museo del Prado, the Sitges Festival and RAC1 recognized at the 38th CETT Alimara Awards

The XXXVIII Alimara Awards have distinguished this Thursday the projects that during the last year have contributed an innovative vision in the field of experiences, digitization, sustainability and applied research to the tourism, hotel and gastronomic sectors. The awards ceremony took place at the La Nit dels Alimara ceremony on March 23. The CETT Alimara Barcelona Awards are organized by the CETT, a reference university center for tourism, hospitality and gastronomy attached to the University of Barcelona, together with the B-Travel Tourism Fair. The World Tourism Organization and the Generalitat collaborate.

Competing Awards

Through Experiences

They reward products, services or marketing and communication actions by organizations that appeal to sensibility and generate an inspiring, emotional and motivational experience in their public or user. In this order, the winners were:

Through Digitalization

They reward strategies or specific actions and new business models that value organizations' commitment to applying digital-related technologies to increase their competitiveness and efficiency to improve the added value provided to customers and their user experience.

Through Sustainability

They reward strategies or concrete actions that demonstrate organizations' commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Through Research

Award for applied research carried out in academic and business spheres for those studies or specific actions that help respond to the sector's challenges.

Out of competition awards

Les 3 persones Pioneres Award

CETT Foundation presents its Les 3 persones Pioneres Award. The award, created jointly by the Jordi Comas Matamala Foundation, CETT Foundation and the Climent Guitart Foundation, recognizes those people or institutions that, in any field, have been pioneers and contributed to developing and improving tourism in Catalonia. Each foundation awards a Les 3 persones Pionere prize. On this occasion, it goes to Marisol Turró Homedes, for her visionary leader in the management and marketing of hotels in Spain.

CETT Mass Media

It is awarded to RAC1 Radio Programs 'Viatja bé' and 'RACons de Catalunya', to give visibility to good tourism, sustainability, the cultural and natural heritage of the country.

Alimara CAT

Co-organized with the Generalitat de Catalunya, awarded Abacus Cooperativa SSCL pfor La ruta Descobrir D25 La gran Aventura for the impeccable use of the Catalan language.

CETT students award

Among all the entries submitted to the competition, the CETT students' community distinguished Fundació Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya, for their campaign 'It's bloody green'

CETT special award It is awarded to the University of Barcelona for its firm commitment to tourism.

More responsible tourism with economic and social return

After the ceremony, the CEO of CETT, Dr Maria Abellanet Meya, said: "Tourism is an intrinsic part of society and shares with it a series of challenges and responsibilities that must be considered in the responsible development of its activity to generate a tangible positive contribution to the territory: To offer quality tourism experiences; to generate cultural and leisure activities and products of interest to everyone; to provide decent professional conditions and development; to make a reasonable and fair use of natural resources or to be curious about the culture of the destination, among many others, etc. Changes that must be able to respond to the aspirations of tourists, people working in the sector, local residents, and society. In this sense, the Alimara Awards and their different categories are also evolving. They have adapted to new realities over the years and reward experiences, sustainability, digitization, and knowledge generation," said Dr. Abellanet.

Dra. Maria Abellanet i Meya
Habla y comunica SL
Museo Nacional de El Prado
Marisol Turró Homedes
Instituto de Turismo y desarrollo económico sostenible de la Universidad de las Palmas
'Viatja bé' i 'RACons de Catalunya'
Anigami SL
Fundació Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya
Visit València
Abacus Cooperativa
Patronat de turisme de Lleida
Turismo de Portugal