CETT-UB Award for the best CETT-UB Master's Degree final projects

MDC Master Awards

CETT Fundación convoca el Premio CETT Fundación a los Mejores Trabajos de Final de Máster del CETT-UB para incentivar al alumnado de máster a desarrollar sus Trabajos de Final de Máster (TFM) fomentando la excelencia y aportando un estítmulo a su realización con rigor, calidad y profundidad.

To whom is addressed

The Awards are addressed to all CETT-UB students of the master's programs who, having handed their MDC in the academic year 2022-2023 - between September 2022 and September 2023-have obtained the qualification of Excellent or Honors.

The prizes


The prize consists of a scholarship of 600€ of the tuition fee for the first year of the PhD in tourism (except fees). It will also be co-supervised by a CETT doctor. Likewise, the TFM article will be automatically submitted to REDINTUR, thus providing the corresponding dissemination not only through CETT channels, but also through REDINTUR.


  • The TFM awards will only be effective if the doctoral program is attended up to two academic years after obtaining the degree.
  • No other type of discounts may be added.
  • Papers may be written in Spanish, Catalan or English.
  • The work teams may be formed by more than one student. However, the Prize will be awarded to a maximum of two members of the team. CETT Fundació will ask the team for the names of the two members who will receive the Prize, declining any responsibility in the awarding of the Prize.
How to participate

To participate, candidates must complete the application form on the CETT Fundació website. The deadline for participation is 25 th September 2022 at 23.59 h.

As indicated in the form, 2 documents in PDF format must be attached:

  • The Scientific Article (research oriented) or the Dissemination Article (professional oriented), if available.
  • The Work with the name TFG_nombredeltrabajo.

DOWNLOAD RULES IN PDF. By entering the competition you accept these rules.

Procedimiento de selección

Candidates will orally present their project to the jury on October 9th, 2022. The presentation will last 10 minutes and, afterwards, the jury will have 5 minutes to ask any questions it deems appropriate.

Award ceremony

The formal presentation of the awards will take place at a public ceremony in the first semester of the 2023-2024 academic year at CETT-UB.

Histórico de premiados
  • Desarrollo del turismo en áreas protegidas como base para la generación de un modelo turístico diversificado y sostenible en la República Dominicana”, de Cecilia Almonte, del Máster Oficial de Innovación en la Gestión Turística
  • Anàlisi de la imatge percebuda de la gastronomia catalana a la província de Barcelona”, de Najat Tort, del Màster Oficial d’Innovació en la Gestió Turística

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